All the wrong talking points…but they still won’t shut up.

How many times must the GOP and its laughable public relations firm, Fox News, be wrong before they realise that it’s a good idea to remain silent?

When an announcement came from the office of the Israeli President, Shimon Peres, on Monday that President Obama will receive the Presidential Medal of Distinction – the first time ever that Israel has given this honour to a sitting US president – I wondered just what will it take? Peres’ statement said that the honour recognised Obama’s “unique and significant contribution to strengthening the State of Israel and the security of its citizens.”

It’s a nice acknowledgement but its importance stems from the fact that it is being presented by the very nation that the GOP and Fox “News” claims, as former presidential candidate Mitt Romney said, the Obama administration has “thrown under the bus.” That doesn’t sound like a nation that has been ignored, disrespected or otherwise treated badly by President Obama. Of course, I could be wrong…but it’s more likely that Fox and the GOP are.

How about other examples. One would be the austerity measures that have failed miserably in Europe and are, as Fox puts it, class warfare (against the rich). Republican bible of finance, Forbes magazine said in April 2012:

European austerity has failed — fiscally, economically and politically.  Even more, austerity is a failure of the governing elite who continue to flail about, believing in their self-anointed right to “manage the economy” and plunder the private sector to keep their power and their government-centric world alive.

According to reputable financial sources on both sides of the political aisle, the drastic cuts imposed in Europe during the global fiscal crisis worsened their economies. But to hear the GOP’s debunked talking points, the US is unstable and likely to take far more time to recover because of the damage caused by the Obama administrations actions. Thankfully the President learned that a “balanced approach” isn’t the way; during recovery the way to steadily move away from the edge of fiscal doom is not to keep imposing drastic cuts but, rather, raise revenues and spur economic growth. The GOP doesn’t realise or want to acknowledge that a slow recovery is better than the threat of another recession or a near depression. Now, of course, Forbes and even a Nobel Prize winning economist such as Paul Krugman could be wrong…but it’s more than likely that Fox “News” and the GOP are.

And then there is the debt. Nobody will disagree that the nation’s current debt levels are high and should be brought down relative to the nations GDP. In 1993, Republican deity Ronald Reagan said in the New York Times op-ed with the title “Just Say No to Clinton’s Package” that

 “The President’s ‘wonder plan’ could be cited for deceptive advertising by the Food and Drug Administration. Job-killing taxes come right away, and hazy spending cuts are on the distant horizon. The five-year plan will likely impede economic growth and not come near its claim of $500 billion in deficit reduction.

Reagan’s statement is laughable given that he tripled the nation’s debt during his eight years as president. Never allowing something as simple as arithmetic to get in the way, when the GOP and FOX News mentioned that Pres. Obama has blown up the nation’s debt, they conveniently forget the tax cuts for the wealthy, and both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars that the Bush administration failed to fiscally plan for or fund.

National Debt; The GOP and Fox are wrong

Image source: Daily Kos


In order to appear ‘large and in charge’, Marco Rubio is rejecting President Obama’s plan — even though it mirrors his own. DUH!

And then there’s immigration. What’s to argue about?  When the most important part of proposed legislation — the provision of a pathway to citizenship — is at the core of the plans submitted by both the president and GOP’s “saviour” Marco Rubio, the focus should be on the similarities and where both parties can work together based on their common ground. But the GOP and Fox news have made it clear that even if the plans are identical, as long as a suggestion comes from President Obama it is considered unworthy of consideration. Newt Gingrich admitted “An Obama plan led and driven by Obama in this atmosphere with the level of hostility towards the president and the way he goads the hostility I think is very hard to imagine that bill, that his bill is going to pass the House.” Yes…just how good government is supposed to work, like insolent children in a school yard.

Most of us are in agreement with the GOP and Fox news that the president isn’t perfect;  he’s a politician who has to make deals – and the nature of deal-making is such that in the process of negotiations some will win while others won’t have their needs met.  It’s reality.  That doesn’t excuse Faux News blatantly reporting false information to the voting public and still calling themselves a news organization.

Not so long ago the president was faulted for shutting Fox “News” out of important interviews that they believed they are entitled to report. The problem, however, is that there is a big difference between creating the news and reporting it. Was it the right action to exclude them?

Hey, maybe he was wrong…but it’s more than likely that the GOP and Fox “News” were, are and will be in the foreseeable future — just plain wrong.


  1. I find narcissistic blow hards rarely shut up. It’s what we are all stuck with unless we click quickly over Fox.


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