“Go Ahead, Make My Day”…Threats of Another ‘Fiscal Cliff’

The famous title line from “tough guy” actor, director, and GOP Convention empty chair talker Clint Eastwood is now for President Obama and Congressional Democrats to use against Right-wing foes bent upon driving the nation off yet another fiscal cliff.

Boehner Holds Media Briefing At The CapitolCongressional Republicans want to allow dramatic across the board cuts under the sequesterSenate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and House Speaker John Boehner  (R-Oh.), unable or unwilling to provide adult leadership to the more radical ideologues in the ‘Party of No’, now see fit to let the crazed upstarts drive the bus off the cliff.

Willing to “walk on the[ir] wild side” to protect their key constituency at the top of the financial food chain, the GOP somehow seems to think allowing a draconian sequester will make them emerge smelling like a rose, instead of the fertilizer. The President, who Karl Rove grudgingly now laments, is nobody’s political fool, and Congressional Democrats are making certain Americans know which Tea Party terrorists are at the obstructionist wheel, should sequester cuts actually materialize.

Across the pond in Europe, the Norwegian economy might well be robust enough to herald unemployment rates nearing 3%, but the “austerity” parade elsewhere there isn’t anything to cheer about. Britain just suffered a credit rating downgrade, and Irish, ex-“Celtic Tiger,” jobless rates are skyrocketing, after a low corporate tax teaser Happy Hour turned into a nasty hangover. Spanish economic woes have young Iberian engineers and skilled workers learning German. “Spuds for dinner again, Mammy?” could well come back into vogue around Irish supper tables.

Late twentieth century American management guru and best-selling biz book author Tom Peters once said, “You can’t shrink your way to greatness.” Progressives might quietly cheer a brief sequester to begin to finally pare the offerings at the Post-9-11 All You Can Eat Buffet at the Pentagon, but know the rest of the stipulated looming cuts could plunge the nation back into recession. Seeking to pare the so-called “welfare” rolls, the Righties haven’t mentioned that the Chinese may relish our manufacturing jobs, but there hasn’t been a paper maché Lady Liberty statuette there since the Tienanmien Square massacre in Beijing long ago. “Keep your poor” they say, “but buy our stuff at Walmart.”

As with the GOP health care reform policy of “Stay well, or die quickly,” the results of a reckless broad brush diet will be bad news for most of the bottom 98% of families on these shores.  As a federal budget guy in the 80s and 90s, there was always some wet-behind-the-ears legislative clown from Pig’s Knuckle, Ark. grandstanding on Capitol Hill who simply wanted to cut X% from all budgets, regardless of program.  Defense always seemed to get a golf mulligan, though. After every war I can think of, Pentagon expenditures shrank, despite war mongering Mormon French missionary veteran “Mitt WHO?” Romney’s lame promises last fall.

Political compromise blunted reasonable revenue increases from the reckless Bushie tax cut binge of a decade ago.  Conservatives bemoan the supposed “highest corporate tax rates” for their “Corporations are people, my friend” pals, but actually paying the top corporate rate usually indicates a need to hire smarter accountants instead of John Boehner’s bar buddy, Mayberry’s Otis the Town Drunk, to do the books.

One hopes adult politicians grab the wheel before the next cliff’s edge, but the outrage of voters towards a sequester should be obvious to even freshly sacked Righty bad guesser Dick Morris. The ‘Party of No’ deserves to wallow in the merde of their own making, but America can ill afford the pain.


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