Begin Women’s History Month…With a Pink Slip

It’s drawing very near the end of the work day for those of us located on the east coast — and that, of course applies to people who are fortunate enough to have a job. Among the most fortunate of job holders are our Senate and Congressional representatives; after all, how many people receive compensation for working productively so few days of the year? Even when they are on the job, as evidenced by the perpetual mess they create, it doesn’t appear that they are actually ‘working‘.

Pink Slip

Image: Dreamstime

Tomorrow is March 1st — the beginning of Women’s History Month 2013. How sad that we’re ending Black History Month on a note of economic uncertainty for people of colour, only to begin the month set aside to note the strides and achievements made by women on a fiscal note that will be disproportionately damaging to women. As if the slow economic recovery isn’t painful enough, sequestration will really hurt women and children:

  • $424 million will be eliminated from Head Start programs
  • $86 million will be cut from women’s health programs
  • Title IX funding will be slashed by over $725 million
  • College work study programs will be slashed
  • 60% of minimum wage earners are women

The Wall Street Journal noted today that the nation’s economic growth estimates were revised upward, but  government spending cuts are slowing recovery. One would think with so much at stake something of significance would have been done by now to stop the impending sequestered cuts in their tracks.

It’s fitting that tomorrow begins Women’s History Month because examining history involves taking a look back to assess and gauge actions have an impact on the present. Tomorrow, many will look back. To all those women who will glance backwards and recall that they thought  it was a good idea to support a party whose objectives directly contradict their own interests…thanks, for nothing.


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