Will House Republicans (Finally) Do Right by Women?

Remember when the Senate passed a reauthorisation of the Violence Against Women Act but then House Republicans threatened to block the legislation? And then protests and petitions asking that citizens tell House Republicans to stop denying women protection against violence because of petty partisan politics bombarded the offices of elected officials who were standing in the way of renewing the  VAWA?

And do you know that denying women legal protection against violence and abuse is unjustifiable? And were you aware that it’s precisely what House Republicans are doing with every refusal to pass the Act?

Well, most of us know that it’s long past the time to stop using people who have already suffered — the victims of violence and domestic abuse — as bargaining chips in partisan battles. But now there’s strong hope that Congress will pass the legislation and renew the Act. It’s unfortunate that passing VAWA won’t take place because it’s the right thing to do but, rather, because the GOP was sent a strong message by women voters who view their ongoing “War Against Women” as reprehensible, and they’ve recently been reminded that they haven’t  received strong support from women voters since Ronald Reagan was president.

Violence Against Women Act

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Are you aware that the hold-up on the issue has been that House Republicans (*ahem*…Eric Cantor -R, VA, leader) want to make sure the law omits references to sexual orientation, and that it doesn’t give Native American courts greater authority to try non-Native Americans who are accused of acts of domestic violence on tribal lands?

Yes, GOP, that’s great logic; toss all women under the bus in your ongoing effort to keep an already shamefully oppressed group of people from having the power to protect their own women. Way to go to rebrand your party, GOP!

That’s your government at work, folks!


Interested in doing something to help?

Send a message today urging House Republicans to finally pass the Violence Against Women Act on the Care2 petition site.


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