Benedict Spills His Guts in New Tell-All Bio Book

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Freed from the bonds of the Papacy, protected by Papal Immunity, but no longer the Supreme Pontiff of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, Joe Ratzinger blows the dome off of St. Peter’s Basillica and allows you to see what’s going on inside with his BLOCKBUSTER BEST SELLER…


“We used to have little Friday night shows in the Sistine Chapel where a chorus line of altar boys would come in and sing Broadway show tunes!”

–Joe Ratzinger, Pope Emeritus

“VICE IN THE VATICAN”! See what went on behind the closed doors of the Papal Apartment!

“‘College of Cardinals,’ I said. ‘Are you kidding me? Junior High School of Cardinals, maybe, but COLLEGE or Cardinals? Ach! ‘ Bunch of red hat wearing poopyheads!”

–Joe Ratzinger, Pope Emeritus

“VICE IN THE VATICAN! For the first time in more than 600 years, there’s a guy who used to be Pope, and he’s STILL ALIVE…


“So they said to me, ‘Holy Father, we got to do something about the priests schtupping the little boys.’ I said, let’s do what we used to do in the old country. Put them in camps with pink triangles on their tunics and make them work until they die! I thought that’s what we were doing. I mean, I was the Supreme Pontiff, and they were supposed to do what I told them. So much for this Papal Infallibility scheise…”

–Joe Ratzinger, Pope Emeritus

“VICE IN THE VATICAN”! Full of beer and not caring any more, Joe Ratzinger saw everything that went on in the Vatican, and now he’s telling YOU!

“VICE IN THE VATICAN”, available at major booksellers everywhere.

Don’t be left out of this Papal Mystery. Find out what really goes on under those long, flowing, Papal Robes.

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