We Can’t “Spring Forward” if We’re Going Backwards

Spring Forward!

Image: CCO/PxFuel

“Spring forward”….yes, that’s a good message to share as we wrap up another week. In taking stock of the past week’s events, we can see that several things took place that lay a foundation for moving forward, including but not limited to improvement in the nation’s employment figures, record-setting stock market averages, reauthorisation of the Violence Against Women Act, and even (some) Senate Republicans broke bread with the President to discuss getting beyond the self-imposed sequester.

Of course, not everyone is ready to move forward. Despite the fact that taxpayers used the power of their collective votes to send a message that says Washington should support an agenda that includes keeping the nation’s social support system intact, this week we saw Paul Ryan’s Medicare voucher plan gain traction within the Republican party. The voucher plan is a nice way of saying ‘privatisation’ in that seniors would choose between a voucher to purchase a costly private insurance plan that doesn’t meet full needs, or Medicare.

That’s just great…it goes hand-in-hand with the non-sensical sequester cuts. Last week, the GOP squealed with the delight of little leaguers who scored winning home runs and now, still feeling those warm and fuzzy feelings about the draconian cuts, they are looking to shred the social safety net. They’re stuck on backwards.

This GOP budget would mean thousands of dollars in new costs for future seniors, and the loss of the guaranteed coverage Medicare is supposed to provide. But, if not caring for the elderly isn’t enough, Ted Cruz (R-TX) is leading the budget fight to permanently defund Obamacare, which means that the elderly will be forced to use Paul Ryan’s vouchers and millions of others could be denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions.


Once again.

Though time is moving forward, the Republican party’s agenda doesn’t see fit to do so.


  1. Man I feel like all they ever do is go around in circles. Springing forward? Not a chance. standing still or going backwards? very likely.


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