Delusional: Ryan’s Budget Plan not Grounded in Reality

This week Congressman Paul Ryan released the new Republican budget for the federal government. One thing was notably missing: anything different from the budget he proposed last year. Rep. Ryan and his colleges on the GOP budget committee produced a document that turns Medicaid into a voucher system, makes further cuts in programs that many Americans rely on for their daily survival and his core proposal being the repeal of the  Affordable Care Act.

Delusional: head in the sand!

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Mr. Ryan and his cohorts in the Republican caucus do not seem to get it. This past November the American people rejected their austerity proposals by over a million votes in the House of Representatives; the GOP also loss two seats in the US Senate and, of course, they lost the White House for the fourth time in the last 6 elections.

So why are Mr. Ryan and the rest of the GOP reintroducing a budget that they know will not get passed? That is the million dollar question. In fact, it is the trillion-dollar question — and dumbfounded voters are scratching their heads wondering what the golden boy of the GOP is hiding up his sleeve.

Congressman Ryan has only austerity measures and obstructionism up his sleeve, nothing more. When asked by reporters about his budget and the likelihood of it passing, the congressman admitted the work had little hope of passing just like the thirty-plus votes that the Boehner-led GOP congress has taken in the past to eliminate Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act. Congressional Republicans and their leadership would rather produce a budget that they know will not succeeded, rather than succumb to pragmatic, realistic governing. And that’s the rub.

Last year, the American people rejected the Ryan budget and the GOP’s renewed calls for drastic cuts in entitlements while reducing the footprint of the federal government, lowering taxes on the wealthy and increasing defense spending is in direct opposition to the will of the people. This is not the first time the GOP has attempted to revive ideas that the American people have rejected. Over the last decade the Republican leadership at both the state and federal level have introduced laws that both reek of ideology and have nothing to do with growing the American economy or the standard of living of most people. Instead of laws that will increase the workforce and solidify the country’s economy, the Republican party has insisted on governing their way. They’ve made it clear that those who are not on board with their austere ideology will face obstruction.

When asked about repealing the ACA and the likelihood of that ever happening Ryan’s response was “Well, it should be.” This attitude is the same attitude that has led to the longest economic downturn since the Great Depression. The GOP has stated on many occasions that President Obama acts like a dictator, a king or an emperor, but their obstructionism is dictated by social engineering, unproven economic theory and theology.

The American people need more. The American people need leaders with a vision for the future, not leaders with recalcitrant anarchic economic and social ideals. 2014 will be here before long and, once again, the people of America will have to make choices about which direction the country will go. As the reporters who questioned Ryan’s budget suggested, neither the people nor the rest of the elected legislators will go along with the philosophy of conservatives.

America has turned the corner on the obsolete thinking of the Republican party. It has put their conservative ways in the same category as many outdated ideas of the past. They see what austerity has done to Europe and they want nothing of it. Recent studies suggest the American people are far more liberal in their thinking than what politicians on the right believe or express. It’s time for the American people to elect pragmatic leaders bent on rebuilding the American dream through real changes in the way business is conducted at every level of society. It is time for politicians to show the American people what can be done to help every American in their quest for economic freedom and, if those leaders cannot put their ideology behind the will of the people, they must go.


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