How to Keep Kids Safe on a Vacation


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It is the school holidays and the school has been closed for the mid-term vacations over here in Singapore. It’s time to visit places and go on the trip to the promised theme park or beach, which the kids have been dying to go to.

Here are some tips on how to lessen the worries and stresses that you may have when you bring your kids out to a busy place.

1. Brief them on the schedule of the day.
Let them know how and exactly where you will be bringing them and the duration of time that they will be there.

2. Put tags with your contact details on the younger kids.
In the event that they get lost (God forbid!) the person who they approach will know whom to contact.

3. Tell them who to approach and to stay put in the same area if they do get lost.
It is never safe to randomly approach strangers no matter how desperate they may be. Advise them to look for another mother with kids as it will be the safest bet for them to being reunited with you.

4. Assign roles to each member of of the family.
Do not assume that the older kids or family member who are traveling with you know how to take care of the younger kids. Assign each pair and make sure both parties know who is to oversee which child.

5. Dress the kids in brightly-coloured clothing.
It will be easier to spot them among other people in a crowd.

6. If you have to bring them out solo, make sure that they remain within eyesight at all times.
Whenever I go out with all the kids I caution them that they are not to wander off on their own and that they must be within two hand-widths from me so that I have enough time to react if the event they face any danger. Also everyone is to hold hands and the younger ones must be on a leash if necessary.

Do you have any other tips to share?

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