Taking the Good With the Bad

Good and bad news

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Taking the good with the not so good; isn’t it all a balancing act? As with every other week, there was much on the nation’s calendar to juggle this week; so much to do…so much to fix. This week, we’re wrapping up with a look at a study in contrasts.

During the same week in which there was strong focus on the environment in the form of the International Day of Action for Rivers, we also received word that the US Environmental Protection Agency may delay proposed greenhouse gas limits for power plants. According to the Washington Post, “The contrast between the two policies highlights the delicate balancing act Obama is attempting to strike in his second-term energy and environmental agenda — seeking ways to combat climate change, while avoiding damage to a still-struggling economy.”

In another area in which there was a sharp contrast, during the same week that the Dow Jones Industrial Average continued to break records, House Republicans voted unanimously against increasing the minimum wage from $7.27 to $9.00 per hour. The great income and wealth divide continues, and it is further exacerbated by a slow-but-growing economy in which only the top 1% of earners has benefitted over the past 30 years.

And here’s another contrast: This past week the GOP talked about learning lessons from recent election defeats and  diversifying their platform to become more inclusive, CPAC supporters made it clear that they’d like to return to the days of racial segregation and even slavery.

Finally, during what is still Women’s History Month, when there has been much talk about moving women forward and protecting women’s freedoms and right to choose, Ann Coulter stated that liberal women shouldn’t be allowed to hold public offices and called former President Bill Clinton a “forcible rapist,”  while North Dakota passed the most stringent anti-abortion legislation in the nation. All of this goes to prove that it’s not just lousy and insecure men who move to hold women back; it’s clear that some women do a great job of it every time they open their mouths.

Geez…taking the good with the bad is becoming much more challenging when the bad comes in droves.


  1. and, this just in, the Kochs are reportedly trying to buy up the media, with offers to the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune, while MSNBC’s talented Chris Hayes from “The Nation” gets his daily slot.

    Is it two steps forward, one back…or you can’t win for losing?


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