Equalizing Education, Equalizing Pay

Here’s a sobering thought as we pass the mid-way point of Women’s History Month: we’re still too far apart in closing the gender wage gap.

Even with moves toward equalizing pay between men and women, and the passage of the Lily Ledbetter Act requiring equal pay, men still make almost 20% more than women in nearly all industries. This is despite the fact that women receive the same education, with the same tuition price tags and levels of debt upon graduation. The only major differences are that there are more women in college and, on average, women have better GPAs.

The benefits of paying women their fair share include increasing the GDP while reducing the poverty rates for families. Check out the infographic at Learnstuff to see what else the gender wage gap affects.

Unequal pay and the gender gap are not solely a women’s issue; this affects women, men and their families.

What are your thoughts about how we can finally move forward and close the gap?


For infographic, visit LearnStuff.com


  1. Nice inforgraphic having all the necessary information explaining the difference in education and wage. Well there should be reasonable wage according to the education and experience. Women’s are also struggling for better earnings these days.