Strange bedfellows for “firearms freedom”

The_United_Nations_BuildingaIn the United Nations despised by many conservatives, a strange thing happened on the way to the General Assembly by Manhattan’s East River last week. The international treaty on reducing the unfettered flow of arms the National Rifle Association and its paid shills on the GOP side of the aisle in Congress are fighting tooth and nail found the gun lobby odd new allies in the international body.

After spending a decade, thousands of American soldiers’ lives, and trillions on the national credit card in Iraq, one of former President George W, Bush (R)’s tripod legs of the “Axis of Evil” did take a terminal long trip down a short rope. The other members, Iran and North Korea, along with that paragon of stability, Syria, attempted to block the arms trafficking accord the U.S. gun lobby hates so much. Strange bedfellows.

Neither Iran nor the Hermit Kingdom of Korea north of the 38th Parallel show any signs of ditching their mullahs and dictators. Both countries still actively arm terror and conflict.

Iran disputes the Holocaust as Western sleight of hand. In 1945, General (and later President) Eisenhower made a point of trooping the international press corps through recently liberated concentration camps so no one would dispute the  genocide. A few nutjobs slipped through the cracks over the years to be promptly debunked by an outraged world.  Some of them would have Tehran addresses.

In secretive North Korea, a closed society indoctrinated in grandpappy Kim Il Sung’s Juche idiocy of North Korean self-sufficiency keeps pudgy young Kim Jong Un in power, only this time with a couple of nuclear weapons tests and homebuilt rockets. Weapons grade fissile material is expensive and hard to produce even in First World countries. There’s a big difference between a first or second underground nuclear test, a home project learning rocketry, and a real nuclear weapon with a reliable delivery system. More than a few physicists crossed their fingers in 1945 Alamogordo, N.M. whether the first atomic bomb would work. It would take the United States more than a decade to produce reliable missile technology.

I guess that as long as guns flooding foreign hotspots were “Made in the USA,” that was a good thing for the arms manufacturers bankrolling the NRA. Perhaps the Iranians and North Koreans were protecting their preferred flavor of the so-called “free market,” as long as they could send AK-47 technology to Third World trouble spots.

The United States already has nearly as many firearms in circulation  as inhabitants. The gun lobby has been busily fear mongering Americans to stock up before the Kenyan Commie two-time usurper in the White House forcibly confiscates America’s  firearms. Come on, the Federal government that is allegedly so bad at nearly everything is going to “confiscate” hundreds of millions of America’s guns? I’ve sat through enough government meetings to know that will never happen.

Many firearms used in crimes in gun control cities and states come from Red State gun dealers. Congress has been unable to stem the flow of guns here. Who are we to condemn the Iranians and North Koreans for gun-running when American arms manufacturers, exempt by statute from civil remedies for their products, are flooding our neighborhoods? That’s a lot like saying we could stop drug abuse by importing more heroin and cocaine.

The NRA effectively stands together with Syria, Iran, and North Korea in opposing an international treaty to reduce the flow of arms. Strange bedfellows indeed.


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