We have bigger fish to fry…

Hedge fund billionaire Steven A. Cohen, currently under the microscope for alleged insider trading and  getting underlings to take the rap for more sleazy deals in the pursuit of mo’ money, is probably relieved that similarly named Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen (D) draws the limelight from financier Cohen’s less savory activities for tweets about how hot fifty-something punk rocker Cyndi Lauper still is.


Image: Cyndi Lauper’s “Front and Center”

Perhaps the rest of us resent that Lauper can keep going like the Energizer Bunny while the rest of us Baby Boomers don’t mend as easily after a night out on the town.

After losing $602 million in Securities and Exchange Commission penalties recently, mogul Cohen did what any stressed moneyed person would do: go shopping. The financier  forked over some largess for a reported $155 million Picasso, and a pricey $60 million manse in the Hamptons to hang it in just in case Cohen ran out of room in his other digs.

Ms. Lauper pranced and sang her way out of a Queens borough neighborhood called Ozone Park, starting in the late 70s, as America was starting its 12-step recovery from the Disco Era of polyester dependance. Ozone Park is one of those amusing enclaves only found in metropolitan New Yawk City. Being a city that Red State country bumpkins love to hate between mating rituals called family reunions, the jealous Podunkers are more than a bit envious of Gotham, which makes the Treasury dollars less productive areas love to disproportionately consume. Lauper made it out of Queens to succeed in show biz. She made it when so many others didn’t. Aren’t we supposed to cheer that on?

It’s the “American Exceptionalism” Caribou Quitter Barbie $arah “Aw, shucks” Palin ought to really be talking about.

Steve Cohen, the Tennessee pol who isn’t a philandering physician whose bedside manner involved climbing in the sack to care for patients, explained he was celebrating Ms. Lauper’s recent White House musical tribute to Memphis. He was also having some good-natured fun with this columnist’s compatriots in the heat-seeking missile Fourth Estate of the free press. If we can’t laugh at ourselves, we’re holding on too tight. Touché, Rep. Cohen.

Cyndi Lauper’s LBGT activism, which raises the bile in social conservatives’ gullets, might just be her realization that the world is bigger than she is. It’s none of my business what Lauper’s mating preferences are, but she has a longtime hubby and a teenage son which indicates conventionality. It makes me wonder why more Americans haven’t developed past the self-centered “Mine! Mine! Mine!” mentality which quickly loses any charm about the age of four.

Rep. Cohen’s fun fan tweet ought to have been a humorous sidebar tidbit buried in the style section. Heaven knows we, as a society, have far more pressing issues to deal with.