Campaign Launched to Help Victim of Injustice in Michigan

Overstepping the values of good judgment and turning a deaf ear to public outcry, a Monroe County court in Michigan in December 2012 killed four boxers labeled “vicious” by the local animal control. The dogs were let out by strangers who opened the door to the house while the owner, Tim Iocoangeli, was away. The dogs, defensive over newborn pups in their home, bit a teenage girl who was reportedly trespassing on the property of the owner. The dogs were killed by the court orders without a fair trial; their pups were given out to a rescue; and the owner was charged with four counts of felony – keeping dangerous animals on his property.



How the court decided the dogs were dangerous was purely a matter of the court’s opinion and far from truth because the dogs had no prior record of aggression and even by the state’s law could not be deemed dangerous because they were protecting their property against strangers who were responsible for letting them out. But the court never cared for sound judgment or facts. While Monroe County tried to get $3000 out of the owner in exchange for the small pups and the owner, not being able to work, he was unable to pay the money and the pups were given away to a rescue – escaping death. But Tim Iocoangeli was traumatized with the unjust killing of his dogs, loss of his home, and charged with something that was farthest from fact. Neither were his dogs dangerous nor he or anybody could call them dangerous because they had no history of aggressive behavior of any kind.

Monroe County was condemned by animal rights supporters for stabbing justice in chest in this way. But that didn’t stop the country from targeting Iocoangeli who has been sentenced now to 3 months of imprisonment and a fine of $15,000. Iocoangeli is not physically able to work as he was injured badly in a car accident while he was trying to help a dog rescue in his area and he now walks with a cane. A law-abiding man all along, he needs support to pay the town for what they want of him despite having done nothing wrong, knowingly or unknowingly.

Animal rights activist and author Denise Carey-Costa has set up a fundraiser page to help Tim Iocoangeli with the money needed for paying the fine imposed by Monroe County. All who want to donate little or much as they may visit the online Fundraiser Page (or follow this link to be led to the page). Iocoangeli is a free man and Monroe County may enslave him under the pretext of having dangerous animals as pets if he failed to pay the fine. By donating to his cost of freedom, we can let him live free and return to work after all the trauma and victimization he suffered by the people who, sadly, were supposed to protect his rights.