Spinning Hate: The New KKK

On April 24, 1867, the Ku Klux Klan held its first national meeting in a bid to organize and build structure among their many disparate often groups. In 2013, one hundred forty six years later, the klan still exists.

On Wednesday I spent the entire evening surfing through Ku Klux Klan affiliated websites. I read their literature, watched videos, and scanned through a ton of pictures.  I even went so far as to attempt to join so that I can see the application process for myself.  I must say that it was quite an eye opening experience. Although the outward projection of anger and hatred has diminished significantly, the values that the Klan hold near and dear to their heart have not changed a bit.  They say that they no longer preach hate, now they only preach love.

I guess there’s a bridge in the middle of some swamp land that someone wants me to buy also.

You might wonder why I am writing about the Klan. I’m writing for the same reason that I write about Claudette Colvin. I believe that if we have an understanding of the events that shaped our “American Experience” we’ll be better positioned to discuss and address similar issues that we’re facing today.  I’m not a proponent of living in the past, the past is done, dead, and buried.  What happened, happened and there’s nothing we can do about that. What we can do is use our knowledge of the past to avoid future pitfalls.


Rather than writing at length about it, I thought that it may be better served if you read it yourselves. Below are excerpts from a couple of websites. I took the liberty of highlighting certain sentences…

There is a race war against whites. But our people – my white brothers and sisters – will stay committed to a non-violent resolution. That resolution must consist of solidarity in white communities around the world. The hatred for our children and their future is growing and is being fueled every single day. Stay firm in your convictions. Keep loving your heritage and keep witnessing to others that there is a better way than a war torn, violent, wicked, socialist, new world order. That way is the Christian way – law and order – love of family – love of nation. These are the principles of western Christian civilization. There is a war to destroy these things. Pray that our people see the error of their ways and regain a sense of loyalty. Repent America! Be faithful my fellow believers. “

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