A Look into the Future

People all across the Middle East and the world are wondering when will the violence in Syria end. The destruction of the Spire in Aleppo, one of the oldest religious sites in the world, is yet another example of what civil war can do to a country, its people and its society.

Thousands upon thousands of innocent citizens of the ancient civilization have been forced to flee their homes and families as the assaults by both sides in the ongoing civil war have left the once thriving society in ruins. Those who have stayed to fight or support the fighters are struggling to survive.

The Syrian Civil War should be looked at very closely by Americans on the far right who have endorsed either secession or the violent overthrow of the US Government. As the war rages on in the ancient country, with thousands upon thousands of Syrians having been displaced by the war, the death toll rises each day; life, as the Syrian people once knew it has been shattered by death and destruction. Over 34,000 Syrians have died this year alone in the bloody conflict, with more than 79% of those killed being innocent civilians.

It has also been reported by intelligent agencies that the Syrian government may have used weapons of mass destruction against its own people in the form of chemical weapons. This news has brought the civil war to the forefront of the American news because of the potential for the ever-widening conflict to spread past its boarders.

Look into the future

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This is what civil war does to a society: it shuts down the normal, and the abnormal becomes the regular course of daily life. There is no economy, schooling or progress, everything that happens in Syria revolves around war, nothing else. Syria isn’t as it once was; in some ways it exists in name only.

Since the election of President Obama many in the U.S. have the idea armed conflict is inevitable. Some have gone so far as to stockpile weapons in readiness for what they see as the battle for America, and the rise of paramilitary white supremacists has left many shaking their head at the thought of a second American Civil War. Some believe that an armed conflict against our government will lead to a purer, whiter America. Unfortunately they do not realize the power of the US Military or the amount of destruction a war would have on the fabric of American life.

The public caught a glimpse of that power as they watch hundreds of law enforcement agents flood the streets of Boston and the surrounding area in search of the suspected Marathon bombers. Use of the most modern and state of the art technology brought the names and faces of the accused to every TV screen in America. The coordination of both local, state and federal agencies was accomplished quickly and efficiently as all parties had one common goal — the capture of those responsible as quickly as possible and with as little interference in the daily lives of the people of Massachusetts.

The first American Civil war saw the destruction of the South and the death of over 620 thousand men, women and children, almost 20% of the total population costing $8 Billion dollars. In today’s numbers that would be over $75 Billion dollars. In comparison, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost the American taxpayer over $1 Trillion dollars.

The majority of the American people are not interested in civil war or uprising against the federal government. They are interested in jobs, education for their children, public safety and a strong American economy. Those who are advocating civil strife are out of tune with reality, a look at what has happened to Syria will magnify the potential cost of a war between fractions of the American population.

The people who own the wealth of this land will not stand for an armed assault on the American way of life and they will use all the might of the most powerful standing army in the world to preserve the American experience.

There are some who should really watch what they wish and hope for, because a second American Civil War would make Syria look like a street fight compared to what would happen in the USA.

It is time for pragmatic people from all walks of life in America to defuse any insane talk of any civil uprising by voting for leaders who will unite the country, not tear it apart.


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