God gets a bum rap!

God gets a bum rap on just about everything and it’s not fair. Human beings blame God for the many, many deaths, famines, wars, murders, accidents, disease, etc., etc, and this has been the case throughout recorded history. So, let’s look at God from a different perspective.

I’ve had religious experiences where I truly felt the presence of God in my life and I’ve included a link to the most wondrous of those experiences at the end of this post. It’s not my purpose here to convert everyone to my way of thinking, no. My purpose is to work through some of the issues where humanity links God to bad things.

Humanity is all the people who inhabit our little blue planet, aka, the third rock from the sun. As individuals, we are one piece of humanity and we are like fingerprints. You won’t find another piece of humanity on our planet that is an exact copy of you. Why, well it’s because of about three pounds of “stuff” (sometimes referred to as “brains”) that occupies our skull. Our brains make us that fingerprint, because of our brains we are individuals, one piece of humanity. Did God intend us to have brains we could use any way we wanted? I believe he did, and I believe it was on purpose.

God gave us free thought. If he wanted us to be like, for example, ants, we would be born with only one thing imprinted in our DNA…gather nuts, or whatever ants gather. We would grow up gathering nuts, and nuts only. We would live our whole life gathering nuts. No other idea would enter our ant brains, no other aspiration, no other dream, and no other desire. No Sulia, no Twitter, no Fox News, no politicians or political parties. We wouldn’t need those to gather nuts. Get the point? OK, I’ll help; we would be like little robots doing only one thing…gathering nuts. Back again to what I believed God wanted. Did God want us to make decisions about leading our lives for good or evil, or somewhere in between?

That is a question I’ve been pondering for many, many years, and I still might not have the right answer, but I think I’ve figured it out enough to satisfy my mind and I keep reviewing it so I don’t forget. To answer this for myself I had to ask the question Albert Einstein asked many times, “What would God do?”

I believe God would do what the smartest person in the universe would do (in case you’re wondering, that happens to be God). God would let us make decisions about how we lead our lives. God would give us free thought, individual thought and enough rope to hang ourselves. I believe that if we were able to somehow place all the people on earth on a baseline we would end up with a nice bell curve. At both ends are free thought, but one end is pure evil (hate) and the other is good (love) absolutely pure love. I believe we all live somewhere on the bell curve because love and hate (in varying degrees) are the emotions in every decision we make, in every thought we have, in every action we take. Think about it. Do you order a dinner you hate? Do you go places you like, or love, or hate? Do you work at a place you hate? See what I mean? Our emotions (however slight or strong they may be) are involved in every decision we make.

I believe that God’s plan for us is to live our lives on the good side of the curve and do things that benefit humanity. I don’t believe God intended us to live on the evil side of the curve. Free thought, God gave us free thought and we get to decide where on the curve we want to live.

Life’s a bitch! Bad things happen—disease, murder, famine, accidents, wars, etc. These aren’t in God’s plan, but they happen. But, people use their brains to blame them on God. It’s not fair to God, God ends up getting a bum rap.

I got this comment from Briar Theelsmom on a Sulia post and I like it:

“Patrick, as long as people have a scapegoat of any kind they see no reason to change themselves. When they throw Gods into the mix their position becomes more hardened because it’s not them, it’s God that wants it and you can’t fight with God, right? If they didn’t have a God to blame they might have to change or just look like a bunch of assholes on their own merit.”

So, the next time something happens look to our human side and leave God out of it! God is love, pure, absolute love. God isn’t responsible for all the bad in the world and the stupid (and to many times, murderous) things we do. It’s our brain stupid! It’s our brain. It’s our brain and what we’ve chosen to do with it and God didn’t tell us to use our brain for evil. We decided that!

You and only you are responsible for every decision and choice you make — period!!! Not God!!!

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