What would it have taken to vote Democrat, South Carolina?

Colbert Busch vs Sanford

Image: Wikimedia via AP

Results of the South Carolina special election for the US House between the Republican candidate, former governor Mark Sanford, and his opponent, business woman Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, were tallied last night. Sanford won. The race that some predicted would be a toss-up actually turned out to be a sizeable victory for Sanford in South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District special election.

The area is heavily Republican so any inroads made by Busch can be considered a step in the right direction for those on the Left. With a 54-45 margin of victory the former governor — who became the focus of a political scandal when he abandoned his state for several days, claiming to be hiking on the Appalachian Trail, but eventually admitted to an affair with his mistress in Argentina — has offered proof of something noted in the Red State  publication: “…there are still places in America that hate liberals and would rather a deeply flawed Mark Sanford than an elitist liberal.

That’s it in a nutshell. Spin the results any way you wish but the bottom line is that there are still parts of this nation that see anyone who wears the label ‘liberal’ or ‘Democrat’ as an outsider and, therefore, against their way of life.

In some areas anti-progress, anti-women’s equality, anti-choice,anti-science, pro-mixing church and state, anti-taxes to support governmental functions (until personal disaster strikes then it’s ‘where the hell is the government??’), anti-public education, anti-regulation — well, you get the idea — will rule for many years to come. Even if it means voting against their own interests in the long-run, the short-term thinking is all about ‘sticking it to those elitist liberals’.

All that remains is forming a rescue party for the voters who wanted to move their state forward.


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