Fox News…your fair and balanced news source(?)

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Fox, “fair and balanced,” and this from their Twitter profile page: “Follow America’s #1 cable news network, delivering you breaking news, insightful analysis, and must-see videos.”

We have heard and read much over the years about how Fox News gets it wrong, forgets the “fair and balanced” thingy, does their level best to create conspiracies, and probably blames the president for the sun rising in the east. However, to be fair and balanced myself, I have to say that we’re not playing nice with “America’s #1 cable news network,” you know, the one that claims to be “fair and balanced” like me.

So, to correct this situation, I’m going to list the five things that will prove once and for all that Fox News is “fair and balanced,” with insightful analysis. I’m only going to use five examples because there is so much out there. Here they are—






Well, there you have it folks! The five things that set our fair and balanced news network apart from other news outlets. I think the order is wrong because #2 is my personal favorite.


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Thank you Fox News! We can’t wait for you to ‘break’ some more news and hear your insightful analysis. Hey, at least we have the “must-see videos” to watch.

Sidebar time: I wanted to pass along a tidbit that may not have anything to do with Fox News (maybe). I have figured out how to control the rain at my house. Although, scientists may not agree with my methodology it seems to work well here. We have weather fronts move through here every 4-6 days and they generally bring rain. However, sometimes we get too much rain and the creek gets into my back yard and makes a mess. So, if it rains too much and I want it to stop, I throw out some grass seed and, amazingly, no rain for about 3-4 weeks. Works every time! Just thought you’d want to know. Now I’m going to take a siesta and think of other scientific breakthroughs I can announce. Just a thought…would Fox News cover this or do I have to use the National Enquirer?