Benghazi Buffoonery

The continuing Benghazi debacle on Capitol Hill has all the marks of a Cecil B. DeMille Hollywood blockbuster. Starring the Marx Brothers.

“Impeachment,” hinted Sen. James “Lousy Okie Pilot” Inhofe (R-Okla.) as he made another pass at Runway ‘X’ and as construction workers scurried to safety. Inhofe is still mad at the Federal Aviation Administration for questioning his airmanship skills. No wonder the astroturfing billionaire Koch Bros. fly on their own private jets.

If they try throwing everything at the President, something might by chance stick. Lottery odds. Beats mundane governance.

No wonder Congress has a 16% approval rating, a third of President Obama’s on a bad day.

Batty Tea Bag Rep. Mindless Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) called 9-11 and Benghazi divine retribution. All she needs is the flaky flock from the Westboro Baptist Church waving signs announcing Judgement Day, and a good “Be Healed!” thwack on the forehead from televangelist Ernest Angley.

Freshman Rep. Jason “NuMagic Undies” Chaffetz (R-Utah) felt qualified from his multi-level market scamming days hawking NuSkin epidermis goop to “debrief” the State Dept. security chief from Tripoli. After all, had Chaffetz hitched his wagon to the Amway star years ago, he’d be an infomercial Double Diamond Distributor sunning himself in the Caribbean by now.

Even Grand Inquisitor Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) couldn’t seem to find much to sound his tacky Viper talking car alarm about from the “whistleblowers.” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) hinted at more whistleblowers, but let’s remember the intelligence committee includes ditzy dim bulbs such as Michele Bachmann.

benghazi_dead_It should come as no surprise that there was some interagency squabbling over Benghazi. The battles between Langley, Foggy Bottom, and the Pentagon have been raging at a more or less full boil since the late 1940s. As a naval officer at a joint service bomb disposal training activity, I knew the ‘enemy’ wasn’t in Moscow, it was the powder blue shirted folks across the hall in the Air Force, or ‘Chair Force’ to wags. It’s part and parcel to bureaucracy.

The State Department has long been derided as being run by some brie-munching, effete diplomatic cocktail commandos who can’t shoot straight. Perhaps we ought to remember that for the last half-century or more, diplomacy, instead of the force of arms, resolved the conflicts plaguing the planet.

Benghazi several months ago was indeed a tragedy. The President and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got the sad duty of leading the mourning over the late Ambassador Stevens and three State Department officers and contractors. The GOP was busy playing Monday Morning Quarterback and scooping handfuls of mud to sling.

The Party of No’s naysayers seem to think the Administration left our diplomats to die. Despite all the loose talk of “rapid response forces,” real life is not Chuck Norris setting down his beer can and chasing Islamic terrorists in a tacky Israeli Sabra shoot-em-up movie. Military operations involve painstaking intelligence gathering, planning, and execution to reduce the number of American body bags. Go back a third of a century, and remember the Pentagon’s debacle at Desert One in Iran to free the embassy hostages. That tragedy did much to elect Ronald Reagan, whose tough talk invaded… Grenada.

Pass the Mai Tais.



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