The rhetoric that is coming out of Washington DC is so loud that the Republicans in House of Representatives and Senate cannot hear the American people. It seems there is nothing more important than stopping President Barack Obama from accomplishing anything. This, of course, comes at a time in American history when ideology is more important than jobs, unnecessary gun deaths and poverty, all of which affect the American economy.

For the 37th time the House of Representatives voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) brings the vote to the floor of the House with full understanding that it is meaningless and dead on arrival. The Speaker and his cohorts know perfectly well their bill to repeal the President’s signature piece of legislation will not even come to a vote in the Senate and they know perfectly well just like they did the first 36 times they have voted for the repeal that it will not happen. Everything they did, all the time and effort and the rhetoric of the moment was for show. The Republican members of Congress are making an ideological record of their fight against that tyrant Obama. How dare he try to make health insurance available for everyone and in doing so lower the cost of health insurance for everyone? How dare he want to do something good for the American people?

John Boehner and his minions will go back to their homes in a short while on yet another holiday break and they will hold town hall meetings for all those card-carrying red state republicans who will come out to hear how good ol’ Johnny stood up to that Kenyan-born Muslim. I can hear Michele Bachmann, in all her shrill voiced glory, proclaiming victory to her loyal followers. I can see Louie Gomer’s face turning redder and redder as the top of his head just about blows off as he screams to anyone that will listen to his conspiracy laden, homophobic, Islamophobic, globalization jack booted black helicopter I’m coming to get you theories.


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The congressmen will smile and glad-hand anyone who is willing to extend their hand, and they’ll tell all in attendance how they are working for them — and they are…and, in a nutshell, that is the problem. They are only working for the people who think like them. They are only working for the people who write checks to their campaign or love them to death. Instead of representing all the citizens of their districts they are only appeasing a select few.

Those that plotted the destruction of the Obama presidency knew perfectly well what they were doing. They met with large donors and with each other and conspired to make Barack Obama a one term President and when that failed they have continued to block, obstruct and demean the work of his presidency.

This past week the GOP rhetoric machine was all fired up over the IRS, Benghazi and the AP phone records scandal. Some members of congress calling for the impeachment of President Obama, and the firing of everyone in the White House including the ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the prosecution of everyone involved. Their outrage was duly noted on national tv for all their constituency to see and wallow in. Their outrage, like the paper tigers they are, engulfed in the flames as their impeachment rhetoric turns to wet dreams.

More than 50% of the population lives hand to mouth — one layoff, one sickness, one natural disaster away from destroying their lives and the lives of the people who depend on them for food, housing and care. More people have died in gun violence in the United States since 1968 than all the wars America has fought since 1776. There are 15 million American workers unemployed and the economy slugs along at meager intervals of growth yet the Republican members of the House and Senate would rather play ideological games than fix the most pressing needs of the American society.

Nothing that happened in Washington this week had anything to do with making America a better place to live for all Americans. It had everything to do with hatred, bigotry and racism. The American people will not forget what has transpired. Before long the midterm elections will be upon us, and some who came to Washington solely to obstruct progress will be sent home so they can have a long time honing their rhetorical skills.


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