Polls, Politicians and Public Attention – Wrapping Up the Week

Another week, another wrap-up. The problem is that this past week feels like déjà vu all over again as the news cycle spit out one story after another about the “scandals” of Benghazi the IRS and even “umbrella gate.” Yeah, ‘umbrella gate’ — in which the far right has lost what remains of its senses by throwing yet another hissy fit over a Marine holding an umbrella for the President as he delivered a speech during the rain. That’s right folks, you just can’t make that shit up.

Democrats and Republicans

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The bad news, other than the fact that it has been another less than productive week for the nation because of all the distractions, is that we’ve seen how low people with an axe to grind will go. Just when we thought we’d heard everything, the revelation that the e-mails with Benghazi talking points used by the White House had been doctored by the GOP and their media operatives simply to make the President look bad made many of us wake up to the realisation that what we thought was bad and crazy in politics became that much worse.

God, I wish the POTUS would call these folks out on their nonsense. Forget the ‘no drama Obama’ thing….we’re tired. A recent poll done by the Gallup organisation reveals that neither than Benghazi nor the IRS “scandals” are capturing Americans’ interest and outrage as much as the Republican party hoped. The won’t face the fact that this ain’t Watergate, and this President isn’t Nixon, much as right-wing journalists would love to make us think so.

As filmmaker Michael Moore noted during his appearance on Bill Maher’s “Real Time” show, the dinosaur that is the Republican Party is squealing in anticipation of their self-inflicted demise, all exacerbated by their spewed hatred. But they won’t go quietly.

Of course not; that would be too much to hope for. As of midnight last night, yet another Republican-generated debt-ceiling standoff began. More déjà vu all over again; the first time resulted in America’s first ever credit rating downgrade and has since slowed the nation’s economic recovery.

Based on that alone, it’s time to drive the current version of the GOP to extinction.

And that’s the week in politics, folks.


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