Ordinary Day

Ordinary Day

Image of Vancouver

This week’s “Say It In Song” pick is ”Ordinary Day” as performed by Omar.

or·di·nar·y (/ˈôrdnˌerē/)

Ordinary is defined as having no special or distinctive features; normal.

It’s what is commonplace, regular or standard.
In an era during which so much of what we see and hear is hype that is meant to frighten rather than enlighten and manipulate rather than teach, there’s beauty in being able to experience what is simple and ordinary.
On this Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of the summer season and a time set aside annually to support the troops as we remember their sacrifices, remembering that those who are sent off to fight the nation’s battles may very well be desperate for a day that is ordinary may not be an inappropriate way to spend some time.

Photo credit:  Souvenir Pixels, Just another “ordinary” sunrise from a dock near Jericho beach along the shore of Vancouver.