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Many people in our country, well, around the world, just can’t seem to get enough of celebrities. However, I have a problem with that, especially in the entertainment business. I’ve seen some movies, TV shows, etc. that most of these celebrities have made and I’m not impressed at all. It also seems that the bar for “superstardom” is set too low, way too low! As in, low enough for most people to just step over. They don’t even need talent, which about 90 percent of entertainers (singers, actors, etc.) don’t have. Left on their own, many of these people would starve to death because they’re not smart enough to eat.

We are sold “superstars” by shows like Entertainment Tonight and magazines like People. We also get to read about their cellulite in magazines like the National Enquirer. We all know there are a great number of these “entertainment” outlets and we know what they peddle as superstars and entertainment. My wife and I don’t watch many TV programs or see many movies because of the content and the fact that most of the actors aren’t, well, actors. They are just the new wave of people who become a flash in the pan. Many script lines in TV shows and movies seems to be delivered as if the actor was reading not acting. Many singers need very loud music and fireworks so they can scream the song to hide the fact that they can’t sing. Yet, many of these no-talent entertainers are declared “superstars” and are followed by TV shows, magazines and crowds of paparazzi.

But, is everything they do newsworthy? Do we need to know everything about their lives? For me the answer is “no”, but for many, too many, the answer is “yes” and that’s how these programs and magazines stay in business.

I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of tired of seeing Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on the cover of magazines, especially People. Pitt is a good actor. Jolie, in my most humble opinion, isn’t. She’s so skinny that she can hide behind a broom handle and she’s not beautiful. However, I’m not, repeat not, downplaying what Jolie went through with her double mastectomy to reduce her threat of cancer. Cancer, including breast cancer, is a terrible disease that has taken a few members of my family and breast cancer is a threat to millions of women.

How many women have made this decision and not ended up on the cover of a magazine? I also wonder how many men have sat by their wives during this surgery, or through their battle with cancer and didn’t end up on the cover of a magazine? They are the unsung heroes! They are the superstars!

Now, before you continue reading, please reread the last two paragraphs.

People Cover

Image: Wonderwall via People

Done? OK. Now I need someone to tell me what’s wrong with this People magazine cover. Pitt is doing what he should be doing, supporting his mate. But, in the upper right corner is a photo of a teacher carrying a student after the OK tornado destroyed their school. The headline reads OKLAHOMA TORNADO, Survival Stories & Heroic Rescues. Who needs greater recognition and who needs downgrading to a corner? In terms of what the article says about teachers and neighbors protecting and/or rescuing students and other people, well, the answer lays in the tornado story. That story should be the main cover story, and Pitt/Jolie needs to be in the upper corner.

We need to realize that ordinary people going to extreme lengths to protect and help are the superstars, not a Hollywood couple.


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