No look at cause and effect? “War on Women” extended to working moms in Mississippi!

Just a quick rant about a news item today: When Mississippi’s governor, Phil Bryant, said today that American education declined in quality when mothers started working outside the home, why didn’t someone in his state give him a fact check list?

Governor Bryant has a problem with working moms.

Governor Bryant has a problem with working moms.

And what’s with this ‘blame women’ mentality that is so firmly entrenched in today’s GOP — which sounds far more backwards than the Republican Party of yesteryear?

Maybe Bryant should take a look at cause and effect; isn’t it just quite possible that Republican politicians such as Bryant — who fail to invest in public education and would rather swallow glass than give teachers any respect — has had a negative impact?

At this point my “Mississippi Goddam” chapters are getting longer than planned. I can’t keep up.

Massive #GOPFAIL

{End of Quick News Bite!}


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