Washington Musical Chairs

Samantha PowersIt’s senior-level Musical Chairs time at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., with the just-announced resignation of National Security Adviser Tom Donilon. In some enjoyable rubbing-salt-in-Republican-sore amusement, the White House is appointing embattled Benghazi piñata United Nations Ambassador Susan E. Rice to succeed Donilon. Experienced former White House human rights adviser, Prof. Samantha Power is the nominee-apparent to go to New Yawk City as Ambassador to world body to fill Dr. Rice’s vacated seat. Perhaps Washington can spare us the now-routine obstructionist Sturm und Drang in filling and confirming a key foreign policy slot.

While this columnist is certain that Prof. Power’s nomination will excite the already uppity conspiracy antennae of House GOP Grand Inquisitor Rep. Darrell “Grand Theft Auto” Issa (R-Calif.) and his decaf Benghazi-obsessed boychik wonder sidekick, Tea Party freshman Rep. Jason “NuMagic Undies” Chaffetz (R-Mormon Tavernacle Choir), there is little controversial to evoke the typical “tempest in a teapot” with Prof. Power. Besides, confirming ambassadors is a Senate function. Issa’s “foreign policy” experience is limited to accusations of hot-wiring a Maserati four-odd decades ago. Not his brief. The unruly House rabble can follow House Speaker John Boehner (R) up North Capitol Street to Kelly’s Irish Times, an “airplane hangar with personality” watering hole, for some light amber distilled nectar from County Cork, Ireland: Power’s Irish Whiskey. Boehner will likely imbibe far more than the famed “Three Swallows” libation’s moniker among the tipplin’ set.

Prof. Power was a Yale/Harvard Law schooled Professor at the Cambridge institution’s famed Kennedy School of Government (aka: “Camelot High.”) She served as a senior White House advisor on human rights abuses, in stark contrast to her Bush Administration counterparts, Condoleeza “Cheney’s Cover-up Condi” Rice, and ex-“Mitt WHO?”-Romney advisor John Bolton. Prof. Power is a recognized and published expert on the global disgrace of genocide and mangled human rights. A good fit, unless we have something to hide under the CIA waterboarding table. (We do.)

Perhaps the Pulitzer Prize winning Prof. Power will have smoother sailing through her Senate confirmation than Dr. Rice endured. Just before St. Patrick’s Day would have been better timing. As a journalist, she covered wars in the fractured former Yugoslavia, so she’s a tougher match for the smirking antics of Loonytarian freshman enfant terrible Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.)), and ex-ChAir Farce lawyer, Sen. Lindsey “Tutu Warrior” Graham (R-S.C.).

A native of Castleknock, County Dublin, Prof. Powers lived in Ireland for nearly the first quarter of her accomplished life. The Irish are not great at getting a tan. Could be helpful in navigating Republican Washington these days.


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