Going Around in Circles

Going around in circles

Image: Pixabay

The title of this week’s “Say It In Song” pick is one that came to mind several times, one of which was during President Obama’s press conference at which he talked about progress being made in states that have accepted the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

If the states would allow for the Medicare expansion, and let the ACA do what it’s supposed to do, the forces of competition will help to do what is currently happening in California: insurance companies working within the healthcare exchanges and their exorbitant premiums are competitive. What we see instead are the actions of a congress that wants to go around in circles; even after 37 attempts at repealing the law–at taxpayer expense–there is no sign that the do-nothing members of the 113th Congress, specifically the Republican controlled House of Representatives intend to do what’s best for the people of their respective states.

There’s progress to be made but, in the meantime, far too many elected representatives prefer to just going around in circles…