U.S. Army Celebrates its 238th Anniversary

US Army's 238th Anniversary

Image credit: U.S. Army, Public Domain

Two hundred thirty-eight years ago the leaders of the United States established what was then known as the Continental Army. Since then, the US Army has defended the nation and its inhabitants against threats, domestic and foreign.

As the main branch of the United States Armed Forces, and both the largest and oldest of the seven uniformed services branches of the military, the Army is responsible for all land-based military operations.

The Army has undergone many changes throughout its 238-year history ranging from racial desegregation to the admission of women to its front lines — all of which involved much debate and internal struggles — that led to it becoming a better and stronger force.

The military has been in the news very much as of late, and not always in a favourable light. Numerous scandals, including allegations of sexual assault and misconduct, have plagued the military. Additionally, its massive budget has come under fire as war-weary citizens seek leaders who evaluate foreign policy issues with an eye trained for more than just expansion of the military industrial complex and growing the nation’s footprint overseas while managing real — and not just perceived — threats to domestic safety.¬†Hopefully, the current battles for fairness and equal treatment will be overcome and rectified to make the Army and other branches of the armed services live up to its original goal of protecting and defending not just this nation but of all those who bravely choose to serve this nation.

They’re up to the task; according to a recent Gallup poll, “Americans’ confidence in Congress as an institution is down to 10%, ranking it last on a list of 16 societal institutions for the fourth straight year,” however, “The military maintains its top spot, with 76% expressing confidence in it,” representing an increase over the prior year.

Happy anniversary, defenders.

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Image Source: US Army