Surviving the Summer Holidays

Monkey boy painting

Monkey boy painting

The summer holidays are on us again. School is out and the kids are free to run wild. It need not be all chaos at your household this summer as there are many different activities which you can do with your children to occupy their time meaningfully.

  • Sign them up for art camps, or do painting/drawing at home:  It would be great for them to capture their surroundings down in print using different mediums in art. Acrylic paints is the chosen medium with the kids have been working on this holidays. They have done Monochromatic  and Real Life painting so far.
  • Play dates in the park:  Getting out in the sun and having some physical activity is certainly great for the kids. It is a great way for them to release all the extra energy that is packed in their little bodies and for them to mix around with company.
  • Be a tourist in your own country:  Go on an adventure with the kids and visit places in the neighborhood which you have always thought of going to but never got around to do so during term time.
  • Establish a routine: Being on holidays doesn’t mean that your schedule gets thrown out of the door. It just means that you may need to adjust the schedule that you have been working  with. I believe by still keeping part of the daily routine but adding in more activities for the kids will do well in getting them re-adjusted when school starts again after the summer vacations.

What will you be doing to survive the summer holidays?


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