All My Exes Live In Texas

Actually, they don’t, fortunately.

In a country where campaigning never stops, it was little surprise that wannabe Presidential motives are beginning to be laid at Gov. Rick Perry’s (R-Texas) feet again. After a special session attempt at a draconian anti-choice bill was filibustered in the Texas state house by  state Rep. Wendy “Red Running Shoes” Davis (D), Perry even tried to hitchhike off of Davis’ new-found stardom by using her in an attempt to sell his anti-abortion legislation.

Texas is a strange place. When the Lone Star State isn’t talking about secession, they’re trying to take over.

There was a time when one got but one chance to strut one’s White House worthy cred. If a candidate didn’t make the cut, he or she  usually tended to retire to the shadows. Now, it’s time for a political makeover to strut their latest fashion for another go of it. Forget the Madison Avenue marketer’s “New & Improved!” tag, it’s now “their time.”  How many cotillions can a country club girl come out in?

Rick PerryWhen we last left Gov. Goodhair, he had slunk home in defeat during the 2012 GOP primaries. Texas’ First Lady Anita Perry had her heart set on that White House Rose Garden promised to her by Providence, so, rolling pin in hand, ole Rick Perry was banished to the Governor’s digs’ couch to sleep off his penance. More than most places, The Lone Star State likes winners, and Perry had gaffed his way back home as a loser accompanied by laughter. Perry’s future as Governor, a role largely defined by signing death penalty warrants, was very much in question.

The last time Texas tried restricting abortion, the signing had Perry flanked by a couple of beefy, middle-aged cowpokes and a token gal who looked as if the last time she ovulated was at Redneck Woodstock. How about that solidarity with women! As Perry’s last bumbling would-be Presidential campaign flopped miserably, the Emperor of Austin now seems to be running as the anti-abortion candidate. Of course, should one of Texas’ moneyed family daughters party on the wild side and might be introducing offspring a few shades darker than the rest of the family tree, I’m certain a nice, quiet abortion would be arranged. That’s “different.”

Of course, abortion opponents just want women to be “informed and safe” with restrictions such as requiring abortion providers to have nearby hospital admitting privileges. If an abortion patient needed emergent hospital care, the nearest hospital isn’t going to ask the physician if they had rushed a fraternity. As for the medically-unnecessary transvaginal ultrasounds to show off a zygote’s blob “heartbeat,” I wonder how “informative” all those male politicians  would view them if the wand was substituted for their next colonoscopy? If a few liked it, I’m certain Marcus Bachmann has some “Christian Counseling” sessions open in Minnesota.

The anti-choice mob tends to have one thing in common: NO working ovaries.

It’s just so much more fun telling others how to live their lives. Of course, the politicians opposing reproductive rights aren’t the ones getting pregnant. They never face the intimately personal heartbreak or danger of a problem pregnancy. The “sanctity of life” apparently only lasts until the crowning. Then you get “freedom.” No “mooching!”

Hmm, why can’t we leave a woman’s health care to the woman do decide what is right for her, and try being supportive of her needs and concerns? Novel concept.



  1. Thank Gawd! I am sick of this man! May the next governor of this state be a strong, progressive DEMOCRAT! Good riddance to not so slick Rick who suffers from CRS. (Can’t remember shit)!

  2. You can never learn too much when it comes to golf. You’re constantly finding out more. I bet the professionals still learn something everytime they play a round. – Lush


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