Decisions, decisions, decisions…and politics

I’m putting a new ceiling on our porch and the photo shows what I’m doing. Now, you ask yourself, “What does his porch ceiling have to do with decisions and politics?” Be patient and read on for the answer.


Image: iStockPhoto

Our old porch ceiling needed replacement so I checked on what I believed were suitable materials that would give me the effect my wife and I wanted. I spent about $500 on the materials and, with the help of one son, went about the task of replacing the ceiling. When I had the ceiling ready for trim I didn’t like how it looked. The material I selected wasn’t working at all! The material turned out to be wrong for my application. I asked my wife if she liked it and her response was “no”, which agreed with my opinion. We decided to do it again using a different material at a cost of about another $500. The material selection was my decision and I had to live with the results (no, my wife didn’t throw it in my face). I own both decisions and I have to accept the results; I have to live with what I decided. Throughout my life I’ve made decisions based on the best information I had at the time, I own those decisions, and I own the results of those decisions. I can’t blame anyone or anything when I make a bad decision, the decision is mine and mine alone.

The same holds true when we’re driving. I’ve known people who got mad at cops for giving them a ticket after they exceeded the speed limit, ran a red light or stop sign, or committed some other moving violation. My comment was always the same, “You decided to break the law and you have to live with it. Why are you mad at the cop?”

Republicans at the state and federal level are so busy these days (see, I told you I’d get to politics) taking apart the “Great Society”. Decisions they are making have great ramifications for most Americans. Republicans own these decisions, but are they prepared to live with the consequences? I think not. I believe that republicans don’t understand what they are really doing. We already know that they want drastic cuts to the SNAP. We know they are imposing voting restrictions. The Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has vowed not to do any work on the immigration bill. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives has refused to work with the Democratic president. Republicans let student loan rates double. Republicans are deregulating Wall Street (again). Republicans are holding the debt ceiling hostage unless the president agrees to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits. Republican supporters are suggesting that America doesn’t need the minimum wage. Republican led measures are also pushing civil and human rights back by decades.


Image: Children of the Dust – The Great Depression

Republicans are making decisions using very narrow thinking without regard to the widespread ramifications. Without regard to how their decisions will affect people — real living, and breathing people. America will become like a third-world country should they succeed in their efforts. We’ll live in a dust bowl. Is that what we want? Me, I don’t believe that republicans are prepared to live with their decisions and they’ll have no one to blame but themselves no matter how hard they try.


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