Ain’t gonna stand for it

It's too hot...


To borrow the title from Stevie Wonder’s 1980 album, “It’s hotter than July.”

Summer is known for high heat and lazy, hazy days but, unfortunately, it’s also a time known for flaring tempers.

This title of this week’s “Say It In Song” pick, “Ain’t Gonna Stand For It,” came to mind as the result of all the anger-inducing events taking place across the country. Whether it’s the Texas legislature’s efforts towards stripping women of access to healthcare and their right to choose, or the statements made by those who see no value in the life of the nation’s African-American males — and so they defend the actions of vigilante stalkers such as George Zimmerman — it’s taking a lot of energy to keep anger at bay and remain calm enough to hold oneself together.

It’s when events get this out of control that multitudes of people realize that they’re no longer ‘gonna stand for it’…

“Don’t wanna believe what they’re telling me
Somebody’s been pickin in my cherry tree
Don’t wanna mistrust nobody by mistake
But I hear tell someone’s been diggin round in my cake”

“And I ain’t gonna stand for it baby
And I ain’t gonna stand for it baby
And I ain’t gonna stand for it baby”


  1. I have always thought this was a great song and his homage to country music. Good post!