The George Zimmerman prosecution ended with its much-ballyhooed ‘surprise’ acquittal Saturday. Sadly, the trial proves this simple rule. Do not elevate a single violent crime allegation, no matter how seemingly outrageous – it is the 24/7, ‘we never close’, vomit-inducing American society Value Meal – from Florida cracker state sensibility to national Great Republic racial barometer. You are wasting your time.

The nation's conscience

The nation’s conscience (Image of Nancy Grace via Wikimedia Commons)

The typical US citizen, whether Black, white, brown, or green…sustained by a flavor of the minute media, possesses the attention span of a reasonably sophisticated gnat, its unsubtle, inflexible collective intellect encouraged by years of left versus right braying on every conceivable social issue. Common ground and consensus are cuss words. Every issue is reflexively viewed through a monochromatic ideological prism, a two color option – red or blue. Zimmerman is merely the latest incomprehensible American ‘lesson’ proving, if nothing else, true wisdom State-side is so Age of Enlightment.

I have no time for Zimmerman and his ‘Stand Your Ground’ ilk…meaning I likely have no time for about 40 percent of a nation with whom I have felt an otherwise deep continental kinship since my long ago youth. The very notion that Zimmerman ‘won’ his case, as bellowed by the deep-thinkers of the NRA persuasion, where an unarmed 17 year old is gunned down is so appalling that it bears no sensible interpretation. Real legal trophy case material, kids…BUT –and isn’t there always an ass lurking? The NAACP, their loyal constituency, even the broadly offended 60 percent of the American demographic telling instant opinion maker pollsters Zimmerman’s acquittal is a national disgrace? Get over it – said with respect, and with immense sympathy, for a family, a young life snuffed out by some self-appointed Community Watch dork permitted by an equally absurd state law to carry a piece.

The lawfully empanelled Zimmerman jury is sanctioned by the same Constitution that confirms hard-won abortion rights (eroded as we speak in mind-numbingly stupid Texas), and extends to same-sex couples their emerging ability to marry without fear. Criminal trials permit the prosecution and defence lawyers to each pitch it strong, advocacy as the art of persuasion….and this jury acquitted Zimmerman – as is their right and duty, if they abided by the judge’s instruction, on the evidence they heard – based on the laws enacted by a democratically elected legislature. Civics 101, peeps. Not happy? Travesty? Injustice? Appeal, as is the prosecution’s right…and shut up, please.

As one of our own Supreme Court jockeys phrased it a few years ago – the criminal justice system is not the panacea for all of society’s ills. Legal rules, especially those that permit otherwise probative evidence to be excluded from the jury’s consideration, make the whole deal somewhat artificial when compared to regular, everyday human decision-making. Why not get a little closer to your profoundly American problem, so starkly placed on display by ‘Stand Your Ground’ law mentalities and their NRA, gun-toting ambassadors, the same losers that would arm elementary school teachers as the first line of defence against Newtown school crazies. My view, the product of our less black powder-tinged Canadian culture, where day to day gun play scares the living shit out of thinking people? Zimmerman is not about race. It is proof of the poisonous self-entitlement that is the preserve of the legally armed. And good news, America…if the slaughter of 26 Connecticut innocents could not compel US lawmakers to do something noble about gun control, Zimmerman is the proverbial fart in a windstorm.


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