GZ…My Turn

The George Zimmerman (GZ) trial is over and the verdict is a travesty…anyone with the ability to reason should understand that. That being the case, I wasn’t going to add to everything already published…that is, until my wife pointed out something on the opinion page of the High Point Enterprise. This was a compilation of six posts submitted in the “Opinion/Your View Poll” about the GZ verdict.

Mark TwainTo start, I’ll quote Mark Twain:

“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.”

What I’m going to attempt is to argue their stupidity and stay on my level.

The first from JJ, “If the facts don’t fit, you must acquit.” You know, like the OJ Simpson trial, and then he adds that we have to live with the verdict. Apparently JJ never studied the facts. In my opinion GZ was guilty as soon as he opened his car door after being told to stand down. And, no, I don’t have to live with the verdict. I am free to disagree with the GZ verdict the same way I don’t have to live with the OJ verdict. Our juries need to learn that only the facts matter, not what they think of “Stand Your Ground” laws or neighborhood watches, or anything else. As Jack Webb said in his series, “Just the facts ma’am.” Just the facts.

TaxpayerOne tells us that “Too many people believe that ‘justice’ is only just if it produces the outcome they desire.” Then he calls them “hypocrites” and that he had hoped “they learned something from the Duke lacrosse case.” He adds, “Apparently not.” I take exception to that because I believe that we have justice when a just verdict is reached and the Duke lacrosse case doesn’t have anything to do with this case. I’m not a hypocrite and I don’t believe we have a just verdict in GZ’s case.

Mistersteverino tells us that we are “intellectually honest” in continuing to question GZ’s actions and level of responsibility and then he adds that, “it’s crystal clear that race had nothing to do with it.” ‘Scuze me, but what planet do you think Mistersteverino lives on? Me, I don’t think it’s ours. Race had a lot to do with it.

Now we have this comment from Name Withheld. “There never should have been a trial to begin with.” I think Name Withheld belongs to that group who carries weapons and looks for reasons to shoot black teenagers because they wear hoodies. Name Withheld lives in my geographic area so I won’t wear a hoodie because he also might decide to shoot old men dressed like that.

Derrick replied to Name Withheld with this, “That means I can shoot you and the law will be on my side because what I say will be fact. Is this how you want people in the streets (to) behave?” Derrick has a very valid point. Do we want our streets to become like the Wild, Wild West? I think not.

Name Withheld responds to Derrick and I’ll include his full comment. “In this particular case, the police made the initial determination that self-defense was warranted. Furthermore, according to the laws of Florida (and other states), when self-defense is claimed, the burden of proof shifts to the State (police) to prove otherwise in order to prosecute. This is by design. The preponderance of the evidence in this case clearly showed that the state had no case and that Zimmerman was clearly faced with a situation of potential death, coupled with a disparity of force brought about by their physical differences and the use of the ground (a recognized force multiplier). The fact of the matter is that had I been in Zimmerman’s position, I too would have shot; and justifiably so. This was not a case of a man hunting down a child because of his skin color. This was a case of a wannabe gangsta quickly having his career come to a fitting end. (Bold is mine.) OK, I’m going to let you have fun with this one after I say that this never would have happened if Zimmerman had obeyed the police instruction to stand-down and stayed in his car. All that BS about self-defense is just that, BS.

Derrick seems to be the only one who made a sane comment. I don’t know if there were one or two “Name Withheld”, but I know that they believed in their opinion enough to give us their name(s).

Ok, there you have opinions posted. Now back to Mark Twain. Did I stoop to their level where they could beat me with their experience, or did I come out with my IQ intact?

I’ll end with another Mark Twain quote, “It is easier to stay out than get out.” Methinks some of these people should have read Mark Twain, especially GZ.



  1. So because the police have an implicit racial bias, their judgement is the one we should put in high regard?

    I agree, all around.



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      Tex shelters. I posted your article “Congratulations Fearful Whites” to Sulia.com.

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