Another stop on the state of the economy road trip

“How about a ‘grand bargain’ for middle-class jobs?” Indeed, that is the question. While Congress spends its time on the time-wasting activity of yet another ‘down with Obamacare‘ vote (does this latest vote make 40 attempts to snatch healthcare coverage from the country’s previously uninsured citizens?), President Obama spoke at a another stop on his ‘state of the economy’ road trip. The president has proposed a “grand bargain” in which the minimum wage is increased to a liveable wage, and support is provided for a middle class that has seen the wealth gap increase over the past few decades. During his speech, the president touted progressive economic policies to “give the middle class a better shot.”

President Obama

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It’s simple: what will help the middle class is to have access to good jobs with good wages, a good education, access to housing and a finance system that makes it easier and safer to buy and build new homes.

Congress has done nothing on the jobs front since 2009. Towards that end, the president said he’s asking Congress for the authority to negotiate the best trade deal possible as it is quite clear that America needs to export more. “We need a coordinated effort to attract more foreign companies,” he said, and they need to be connected to state and local leaders – such as those in Tennessee where he was delivering his speech. Nancy Pelosi tweeted simultaneously  that “House Dems are ready to work with the President & Republicans on a framework to build a strong & thriving middle class. #ABetterBargain

Nobody who works full-time for a living in America should have to live in poverty. “Reducing poverty, reducing inequality, growing opportunity — that’s what we need.”

As he did during other stops on his road trip the president pointed out the failings of Congress: “We are  not lacking ideas, we’re  lacking in action–especially in Washington. He stated once again that Washington has taken its eye off the ball where the middle class is concerned. While he wants to keep making the case for a higher minimum wage, growing our economy and creating middle-class jobs, Congress is threatening to shut down government. The president’s call for a fairer tax structure in which corporate tax rates should be cut, especially if that will help to get Congress to take action on developing jobs, is the next step to take.

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