Note to John Boehner: Remember Pearl Harbor

I’ll call you John, because even though you are the Speaker of the House I won’t give you the respect your position should accord. You are a leader in name only.

Employment standard in America

Source: “Famous image of African American flood victims lined up to get food and clothing at Red Cross relief station in front of billboard ironically extolling ‘World’s highest standard of living. There’s no way like the American way’. Original title of the picture: ‘The Louisville Flood.'”

You and your party have declared war on the jobless, women, children, the aged, immigrants, the sick, the tired, the poor, and the hungry at the national and state levels.

You and your party are driving this once great nation downhill as fast as you can without considering the consequences on the majority of Americans.

You and your party care only about issues that benefit the wealthiest and largest businesses.

Our nation faces many major issues and all we hear from you is “No” to anything that can help solve these issues. The middle class is disappearing; do remember the middle class? The middle class made this country great and the greatness of our country will disappear with the middle class you are doing your best to destroy.

Republican policies on the national and state levels are moving us back to an age we worked hard to get out of — and it took a war to do that. Most Americans are now in a war of survival because of you and your party’s policies.

It takes a lot to get Americans moving. All you need to do is look at Pearl Harbor — when the Japanese woke this sleeping giant. So, John, as you sit in the plush Speaker’s office considering your next moves, you would do well to consider that your next action might be your very own “Pearl Harbor”.

As far as I can tell, the area surrounding the US Capitol isn’t large enough to hold the millions of Americans who would show up to demonstrate their displeasure with Republican –and your — (in)actions.



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