Celebrating birthdays


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Birthdays are one of many special occasions that many of us celebrate. Coming around once a year often reminds us that time whizzed quickly past us and that we are now a year older with more experiences to look back on.

As a kid you really look forward to your birthday. You can’t wait to grow older and cut the birthday cake. Blowing out the candles on the cake is a real thrill. You can’t wait to tear away the wrapping paper on the presents that you receive to see if you received the latest toy which you have been coveting. You look forward to the party games and playing with your friends or classmates who have been invited to the party.

It is not  the birthday cake or presents which are the main attraction about celebrating your birthday as you get older. The company which you have around you is something that your challenge. Your loved ones taking the time off work just to spend the few hours with you means more to you then the new handbag or diamond ring. New material possessions are no longer the top priority on your birthday present list but having the time and company of your love ones.

It is the uncountable which excites and thrills you. The feeling of being loved fills you up and makes your heart tingle.

How do you feel about celebrating birthdays?


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