Chris Christie: Mr. GOP Establishment, 2016?

David Corn, the prescient pundit at Mother Jones has dubbed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as the “GOP Establishment Candidate for 2016.” We love Mr. Corn and have no reason to doubt his instincts. And, yes. If the Republican Party has any hope of winning the White House in a battle against Hillary Clinton in three years, Gov. Christie is their only slim hope.

(That would have been a pun, but have you seen the guy lately? That surgery has done wonders and he seems smaller every time you see him.)

President_Barack_Obama and Chris ChristieWhether or not Mr. Christie can get his party’s nomination remains a serious question. Given the fact that the inmates are running that particular asylum, the hooting and blathering of crazy people is a threat to overwhelm any sort of message that makes sense and could resonate with an electorate that, in some quarters, really does not want Hillary Clinton to be president but sees no alternative given the cray cray the GOP seems bound and determined to nominate.

The first thing Mr. Christie will have to do is survive what will be a brutal primary fight in the GOP. Chris Matthews on MSNBC has already declared Rand Paul the GOP nominee. He also declared Hillary Clinton and Rudy Guiliani as the 2012 party standard bearers, so take that with a big old lump of salt.  And Rand Paul‘s libertarian-conservative politics may not sit well with the Christofascist wing of the GOP that is calling the shots.

With Reince Preibus going on the 700 Club and declaring all other religions but Christianity as false, as the GOP continues to alienate the very people it must embrace in order to win anything on a national level, with one GOP legislature in one GOP-controlled state after another taking government out of your business and into every woman’s uterus, even Republican women are cringing at the thought of one of these misogynists getting the nomination. Some right wing pundits are even fronting the idea of nominating the dimwitted half-term governor of Alaska as an alternative to Hillary because Republicans would prefer a STUPID woman of NO accomplishments over a SMART woman with a wealth of achievement. Or so they delude themselves.

We hope David Corn is correct that, after 2014 when the House and Senate are both in Democratic hands, enough Republicans will awaken from this Tea Party fever dream that has kept them in some sort of near-coma stupor since 2010 and will realize that the business of governance means governing, not trying to kill the government.



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