The Bilderberg Group Revealed: Power of Global Elites

The world may not be run by politicians, but rather by a select group of wealthy and powerful individuals who meet in quasi-secret. Are you aware that a little known society meets every year to make decisions on economic and energy policy, social policy and even an individual country’s foreign policy — decisions that affect everyone? What is that society? The Bilderberg Group.

What is the Bilderberg Group?

Bilderberg is an annual meeting of more than 130 of the most powerful individuals in the world. Heads of state belong, along with powerful advisors, such as Henry Kissinger and Robert Rubin (former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury). Heads of the world’s most powerful corporations, and world financial leaders, such as the head of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Federal Reserve Bank as well as representatives from the royal houses of Europe are all members. Nearly all of the representatives are from the United States and Europe.

The conference, named after the Holland’s Hotel de Bilderberg, the site of the first meeting in 1954, is often held in remote and hard-to-reach locations. Journalists covering the event may even have to buy new ATV parts by just so they have a vehicle capable of reaching the meeting place.

The Bilderberg Group is just one of the trifecta of underground meetings the rich and powerful would prefer to be secret. The Council on Foreign Relations, a Washington D.C.-based non-profit organization, acts as a think tank on American foreign policy. The annual Bohemian Grove conference in northern California also host some of the world’s most powerful men and does not allow women memberships.

Is the Bilderberg Group Conference Legal?

The Global Elites


The alleged goal of the annual Bilderberg Conference is to “foster dialog between Europe and North America,” according to the London Telegraph. Its legality is questioned. Opponents cite the Logan Act, a 1799 U.S. law that makes it a felony for a private citizen to negotiate with a foreign government without the authorization of the U.S. government. According to the Bilderberg’s official website, the conference is useful for that very reason. It says that “participants are not bound by the conventions of office or by pre-agreed positions,” and therefore “can take time to listen, reflect and gather insights.”

Some speculate that Bilderberg chooses the president of the United States and Prime Ministers of the U.K. — not voters. Bill Clinton, a relatively unknown Arkansas governor, attended Bilderberg in 1991 and became president a year later. Tony Blair, the former UK Prime Minister, attended in 1993 and became prime minister a few years later.

Bilderberg is one more world conference that you may want to add to your watch list. Bilderberg 2013 was held in early June in Watford, England, located about 45 miles northwest of London. The next meeting is scheduled to be held in June, 2014. No site has been disclosed.

Raj Sunir graduated cum laude from an Ivy League school. He works as a freelance engineer and consultant for many Fortune 500 companies.


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