The Anniversary Lives On… #MarchOnWashington

50th Anniversary March on Washington

March of Washington 50th Anniversary

History. It’s interesting to watch events through their original lens — in their time and in context.

The “March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom,” as it was originally called, was one of the largest political rallies for civil, economic and human rights in United States history. It took place on August 28, 1963, in Washington, D.C., and ended up being a pivotal event in this nation’s history.

Watch and listen to a small portion of the event here. When you’re done, ask yourself two questions:

  • How far have we come as a nation? And,
  • How much farther do we have to go before all of us, regardless of race, gender, age or sexual orientation, can say that we have achieved the full equality that was envisioned by these dreamers so long ago?

Pay attention, citizens. Whether it’s voting rights, women’s right to reproductive freedom or LGBT rights, unless we march, vote and make our voices heard, we’ll move backwards.




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