Government In the Examining Room: The Conservative Paradox

It’s almost October 1st, and you know what that means: Obamacare is almost officially in action. The conservatives are very upset about the legislation actually making it out into the real world, despite their many, many efforts to stop it in its tracks. What is it that they’re so scared of? Is it the free preventative care, no lifetime limits on insurance coverage, or the removal of the last vestiges of the pre-exisiting conditions clause? No, those things aren’t worrying them, but I’ll tell you what is: the government invading their most private parts.

Medical exam roomAs a woman I’ve gotten used to hearing politicians argue about what kind of birth control I’ll get access to, whether or not the women’s clinics in my state will be shut down, and who exactly will be qualified to give me my annual exam. We’ve also heard plenty of verbal abuse from the right and the left over the years on the topic of abortion. And, not only as a woman but as a resident of Virginia, I had just started to get over the transvaginal ultrasound fiasco of last year.

The republicans’ media machine and superpacs are in the middle of a media blitz to misinform the public on the “dangers” of Obamacare. Below is a prime example of the hypocrisy of the right wing’s fear of invasive government. So it’s OK for women to be traumatically and intimately invaded by an ultrasound wand, but don’t let Uncle Sam into your examining room under Obama’s bidding.


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