Collateral Damage

Collateral damage

Wikimedia Commons: Chapman tornado damage

As a result of their attempt to block the Affordable Care Act, the American people have become collateral damage in the latest Republican assault on the Presidency of Barack Obama. They have shutdown the federal government with smiles and glee in their heart — knowing, but not caring about the ramifications of such actions. Just as Robert E. Lee was willing to send thousands of his Northern Virginia army to their graves in the first American Civil War, the GOP has started a new act of civil war with their willingness to exploit the people of America because of their hatred for this president.

Let’s get one thing perfectly straight: what is going on in Washington, D.C. has nothing to do with finances, policy or even health care. The sole reason for the shutdown of the federal government is Barack Obama’s blackness.

Some cite GOP attacks on former president Bill Clinton, which led to Clinton’s impeachment, as evidence that the attacks on President Obama are not racially motivated but just politics at its worst. It is true the Republicans did hate Bill Clinton — and I am sure their hatred for Hillary Clinton is still strong — but their hatred of him was purely political. The one variable that came into being only after the election of Barack Obama was the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party.

It is no coincidence that within weeks of the inauguration of America’s first black President the Tea Party Patriot movement was formed. With it came segregationist, white separatist, KKK, John Birch Society members and secessionists along with some very wealthy white men who did not like the idea of a ‘new Jackie Robinson’ emerging in the form of Barack Obama.

Just as the hatred of Jackie Robinson was not just a personal attack on one man, the attacks on Mr. Obama are not just an attack on him alone, but an attack on every Barack Obama yet to come; their goal is his failure so there will never be another black president. The racist ball players, coaches, fans and owners of the then racially segregated Major League Baseball who sought the failure of Jackie Robinson are just like the racist, segregationist and secessionists of the Tea Party Republicans seeking the failure of the Presidency of Barack Obama.

Time after time, members of the Tea Party have attacked Barack Obama on the basis of his citizenship and religion and, of course, his secret socialistic dictatorship plot to take over the country and force everyone to become a Muslim with chips implanted in our arms. Some House GOP members have even suggested the world is coming to an end because Barack Obama is President.

The GOP stated that their goal was to make Barack Obama a one term President — and they did everything legislatively possible they could do to obstruct this agenda and when that failed they talked of impeachment, indictments and even secession from the Union.

There is an element in America who cannot stand the fact a smart, educated African-American is the leader of the free world. They cannot stand the fact Barack Obama is in charge, and this latest stand against the Affordable Care Act is their Waterloo, their apex of pride driven  “the south will rise again” mentality.

The Tea Party Republicans who have taken siege of the America people only have one goal and that is the taking down of Barack Obama because they do not want to move into the 21st century, they want to stay in their 20th century red state bubble and return America to a time when segregation was the norm and black folks knew their place in society.

The Tea Party is responsible for voter ID laws, anti-women legislation and anti-immigration legislation, all of which is meant to inhibit, stall and infringe upon the rights of minority supporters of the president. They know that just as Jackie Robinson opened the doors of MLB for many more talented African and Hispanic Americans to play baseball on the world’s biggest stage, Barack Obama’s Presidency is an opening of the political door for many more young, smart minority politicians to walk through and challenge them for a seat at the table.

The attacks on Barack Obama are steeped in racism and the GOP is holding America hostage in their effort to prove to themselves they are better than a black man. There is a reason Pride is considered one of the 7 deadly sin:  it clouds the mind, makes people feel self-important and it makes others an afterthought. It is very obvious the GOP has fallen prey to their own prideful selves and the American people are the victims of their frivolous actions. It is also very obvious their attacks on the President will continue for as long as the Tea Party is considered a viable option for the electorate. Some say this loggerhead in Washington may lead to their demise; the American people should be so lucky as there is no room for politicians who make citizens’ lives miserable because of their racism, ideology and hatred.



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