Treatment Denied: 4 Bizarre Reasons Patients Are Refused Medical Care

Medical: Denied!

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Although doctors still haven’t perfected the “Star Trek” body scanner that can diagnose with one swipe of the patient, 21st century medical advances are still pretty impressive. Just because the diagnostic and treatment procedures exist, however, that doesn’t mean that everyone in the free world can have access to them. Maybe it’s a growing trend, or it could just be that news spreads faster these days, but a number of bizarre reasons for denying medical treatment have come to light, even for — or especially for — those with health insurance.


Just because your insurance company pre-authorized a procedure doesn’t mean that they won’t deny your claim later. It doesn’t sound fair, but according to Power Your Practice, once a treatment is authorized, the clock starts ticking. You only have a limited window of time in which to schedule your appointment, and get the procedure taken care of. The kicker is that you may or may not be advised of this little caveat, but if you wait too long to schedule the treatment, you might be unpleasantly surprised when you receive your medical bill and see that the insurance claim was denied.

Bed Bugs

If you thought reports of com bed bugs were just media hysteria, think again. The little varmints have moved on from being mere parasites to blocking medical treatment for people with all kinds of ailments from nerve pain, as reported by ABC News, to AIDS. Hawaii News Now tells of an AIDS patient, diagnosed with just six months to live, who has been cut off from his home care because his apartment is infested with bed bugs. At least he wasn’t turned away from the hospital on the two times complications from his disease compounded by dealing with the infestation led to worsened health conditions.

Carbon Footprint

Sure, everyone is concerned about air pollution, but should attempts at being “green” affect whether or not you get medical treatment? Watts Up With That? reports that an 83-year-old U.K. woman was told by her GP that she could no longer treat her because of his concern over the carbon footprint associated with her one-mile (one way) trip to the office. That’s a whopping two miles round trip, not exactly an excessive journey. Yet the doctor felt compelled to oust his patient and advise her to obtain medical treatment nearer to where she lives. Not many people live less than a mile from their health care provider; patients may want to look for immediate care clinics nearby or start house-hunting closer to their docs.

“Tokin'” of Disapproval

The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes isn’t as widely accepted as you might think. It may help treat nausea and pain for some, but it is also being used against them when it comes to surgical procedures. Patients using medical marijuana who desperately need organ transplants have been deemed ineligible to receive new organs such as livers and kidneys, according to patient advocacy group Americans for Safe Access. To add insult to the devastating blow, not only have patients been denied potentially life-saving procedures, but they’ve also been ordered to take drug counseling and undergo drug testing if they want to requalify — at which time they’ll be put at the bottom of the list.


Author: Grant Weaver is a writer from Detroit.


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