The Case for Expanding Social Security

Our friends at Democracy for America and posted this infographic that we want to see shared far and wide. The mission is to “combat this growing retirement security crisis and tell Congress that Americans support expanding Social Security — not cutting it.”

On this site we’ve commented about this issue repeatedly; we note that when politicians talk about cutting so-called “entitlements” they neglect to note that if a person has worked and contributed to the system, s/he is ‘entitled’ to receive funds back from that system because it’s actually an earned benefit. We’ve also noted that  Social Security does not contribute even one thin dime to the national debt and is actually owed money since it has been raided (thanks, Ronnie Reagan!) to support other governmental functions at different points in its history.

Thanks, Senators Harkin and Begich for keeping the conversation going. There are other ways to increase Social Security’s solvency for many more years to come other than solely entertaining the idea of benefits cuts; have a look at the crisis at the effects:

social security

Click for more information at Democracy for America.


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