All By Myself

It’s a challenge to feel ‘musical’ when surrounded by so much negativity. The “Say It In Song” space has always been used to connect songs of any era and genre to current political events but, given that songs often evoke powerful emotions, it has been difficult to post songs when political tensions are already running so high (or low, if one is taking the disgust factor into consideration).

This has been a tough week for Democrats and, especially, for President Obama. I’ve been wondering something; I find it’s hard to imagine that there is anyone in office who could possibly feel more alone that this president. Rollout of the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, has been horrible. What’s lost in many of the pundits’ commentary is that the Act itself is based on something good, even if the technical rollout hasn’t been so good. Because of the website’s problems, instead of accepting that the law is in fact the law and that it’s grounded in wanting to provide healthcare for uninsured Americans, Republicans think this is their chance to undo Obamacare — with no thought to what will become of the uninsured that they never cared about before this website.

All by myself

Image: CreativeContent

Just as the poor, indigent, middle class and uninsured have been for quite some time, this POTUS must feel as though he’s out here on his own. Some in the press complain that he’s isolating himself but it’s clear that there aren’t many who can be trusted; while the GOP seeks to dismantle a signature piece of legislation, what’s worse is that some congressional Democrats are starting to fold as well.

Talk about a man who’s by himself.

So much for pulling together for the good of the nation and all of its citizens — not just those who can afford insurance.

Livin’ alone
I think of all the friends I’ve known
When I dial the telephone
Nobody’s home



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