In Search of the Best Jobs in America

The best jobs are rewarding, fulfilling and have room to grow. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) gives growth estimates for the 2010 – 2020 period for several occupations. The average growth rate predicted was around 14 percent, but some of the best jobs may experience 25 percent growth and more. If you’re looking for a new career path, these jobs show the most growth potential.


U.S. News lists dentists as one of the top growing careers in the U.S. Dentists can work in a variety of specialties from preventative dentistry to orthodontic surgery. Healthy teeth, mouth and gums are essential for good nutrition, so many dentists volunteer to help those who can’t afford dental care. The Cleft Palate Foundation organizes dentists with surgeons to reconstruct the mouths of children born with cleft palates.

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The BLS says the median income for a dentist is more than $140,000 and estimates the growth through 2020 to be 21 percent.

Registered Nurse

RNs continue to be in demand in several areas. Most work in hospitals and doctor’s offices. Many work in public heath, education, cancer treatment and research, and as midwives. Once regarded as the right hand of the physician, nurses work independently in many areas of healthcare. RNs who continue their education and become Nurse Practitioners may be in charge of clinics in under-served populations.

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The BLS lists the median salary of an RN at $65,000 and predicts a 26 percent growth before 2020.


The number of modern pharmaceuticals is so vast that most healthcare providers cannot keep up with the latest medications. The pharmacist must be aware of each new product that comes out and know how they can be used and the side effects. They consult with people about their medications and any interactions. They staff poison control centers and take emergency calls about suspected poisonings. They are also widely involved in research. Work of the World offers pharmacy internships around the world and give students the chance to help in poverty-stricken areas.

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The BLS estimates the growth of pharmacists to be 25 percent through 2020 and states the median salary is $113,000 per year.


This career continues to be a favorite and satisfying choice for many. There are numerous ways to practice as a physician, from hands-on family practitioner to research in nuclear medicine. They can be found in every healthcare setting and are very active in education. The desire to help people and the variety of experiences that they can have keeps doctors working in their profession after others retire. The volunteer organization Doctors without Borders engages physicians to use their skills in troubled countries. Often these are areas affected by natural disasters where medical help is unavailable.

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The BLS says physicians can expect a growth rate of 24 percent through 2020 and have an annual median salary of $183,000.

Computer Systems Analyst

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With the growth of technology comes people who know how to master it. Computer analysts understand how to integrate hardware and software to solve problems in many fields. This is a versatile role found in business, healthcare, education, government and anywhere that computers are being used. People in the computer field can often be found volunteering as tutors or mentors to young adults moving into this industry.

The BLS states the median annual salary for an analyst is $78,000, with an anticipated growth of 22 percent through 2020.

Switching to a new career is never easy. Even if you need to go back to school and take on a second part-time job from, working toward a rewarding and fulfilling career with growth potential is well worth the hard work and dedication.


Author: Randy Reed is a former HR director for a large, multinational corporation. These days he blogs and gardens to keep himself busy