Who Owns Your Congressman?

While many people know that politics can be tricky, the financing behind it prove that politics is all but a dollar game. Take a look at the “Who Owns Your Congressman?”infographic below; it unveils the monetary goals behind political funding.

In this most recent election cycle alone, more than $441 million dollars was raised for candidates. And while some people think this money is donated by honest, well-meaning citizens, it’s surprising to see the actual financers behind the elections. This infographic illustrates how industries such as securities and investments, as well as the health professions and retirement groups are all huge spenders when it comes to politician funding.

It’s also surprising to see the businesses in this infographic that contributed the most. Amazingly, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Realtors, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield rounded out the top three.

This infographic also outlines some of the top earners in the recent election cycle, including John Boehner and Frank Pallone for the House, along with Cory Booker and Mitch McConnell for the Senate. Each of these is broken down by how much each raised from each industry that donated.

However, many are beginning to question the worth of these practices, as activity in the Congress has dropped dramatically in recent years. In fact, from 1999-2012 Congress has passed an average of 70 substantive public laws per year. This year? They’ve passed 44.

Take a look.

Who Owns Your Congressman?

Source: Masters-in-Accounting.org
Author: Erin Gentry