Top 5 reasons why you should consider an electric car

Today’s society is becoming more and more focused on personal improvement. Whether it is your house, your computer or your career, our technological society is ever developing and ever improving. Naturally then this mantra has extended to the world of cars. As we become more informed of the environmental damage of fossil fuels and their decreasing availability, car manufacturers have begun to produce more energy efficient vehicles. These electric cars seem to herald a new era for the motoring industry and below are five reasons why you should consider jumping on board.

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1-Helping the environment

The fundamental reason for the invention of electric cars has been to reduce our population’s carbon footprint. Electric cars help improve the environment because they do not need to burn fossil fuels for combustion. As a result no harmful carbon dioxide is emitted. Instead, you refuel your car at an EV (electric vehicle) charging station which in itself can be powered by solar energy or other forms of renewable energy. This means that in no part of your driving or refuelling process are you damaging the environment.


It is still worth considering an electric car even if protecting the environment is not a primary concern for you. In recent years fuel prices have been rising significantly, a trend which is only set to continue. Currently the US imports over $300 billion worth of oil and, as a result of this, research shows that in 2012 the average American family spent $2,912 on gas. Alternatively, electricity can be generated locally, cutting out this extortionate importation process and thus saving you personally on the ever-rising cost of gas.

3-Reduce noise and heat

Bustling cities and freeways are constantly congested with fossil fuel cars, which produce enormous heat, noise, and an uncomfortable daily commute. Alternatively, electric cars have neither pistons, which are responsible for generating unnecessary noise, nor do they generate masses of heat as waste. Therefore with an electric car you are free to breathe cleanly and drive calmly on your daily travels.

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In recent years, extensive environmental campaigns have resulted in the media increasing its coverage and publicity regarding the issue of global warming. This increased public awareness of climate change has highlighted a need to change our old habits to safeguard the environment. Subsequently, car dealerships have begun to stock a mix of electric and fossil fuel cars. Even luxury brands such as BMW are now producing electronic cars with the BMW i3. As more car companies begin to manufacture and distribute electric cars, it will become easier to buy and maintain an electric car than our current fossil fuelled vehicles, which will become increasingly obsolete.

5-Less maintenance

Current fossil-fuel powered vehicles regularly have issues due to broken spark plugs, rusted exhaust pipes or busted air filters. These malfunctions often leave drivers stressed and stranded on the side of the road. These problems are non-existent with an electric car because it does not contain any of these engine parts which cost time and money when taken in to repair. Electric cars alleviate drivers with less frequent servicing, leaving you free to enjoy your journey.

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George CampbellThis article was written by George Campbell, a freelance writer from Birmingham in England. George has been a teacher for four years and he loves writing about education but he is versatile and he also writes across a variety of other topics. You can stay connected with George on Google+ and follow him on Twitter.


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