Invest in your child’s education with a personal tutor

Throughout your child’s education, they will face a multitude of standardised tests. These tests are pivotal with regards to your child’s future as many employers hold these academic qualifications in high esteem. In order to protect your child’s academic and subsequent working future, it is advisable to invest in a personal tutor.

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By granting your child access to a personal tutor, you are providing them with the advantage of being taught by a highly qualified professional with a wealth of experience, personal knowledge and history. Having access to his or her own personal tutor can be an incredibly enriching experience for your child. Children can be taught at a pace which suits them, by a tutor whose skills are personally tailored to the specific needs of your child. Tutors provide one-to-one support for your child and can specifically target any topics which your child finds challenging. Moreover, your child can focus on these topics in a comfortable working environment, where he or she can feel free to ask questions without facing the pressures or distractions of a classroom full of students.

Recent surveys have revealed that the majority of employers seek candidates who can demonstrate the capacity to think critically, communicate clearly both orally and in their writing, can apply their knowledge in real-world settings and also be able to solve complex problems. Tutoring is invaluable in providing your child with these skills because they can tailor their sessions to help your child attain these skill-sets. They can focus solely on your child, helping them to improve exponentially in specific areas and thus improve their chances of employability in the future. Furthermore, tutoring can help your child grow in confidence as well as in their academic skills, which will be invaluable throughout their adult life.

There are currently numerous tutors available to suit your child’s academic requirements. Whether your child requires regular sessions for a specific grade level, or simply preparation for a particular test, there are different tutors available depending on your child’s needs. For example, in the fall and spring there are a wealth of tutors available to provide support for college students preparing for their SAT and ACT aptitude tests.

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There is a great degree of choice when selecting a tutor, granting you the liberty of locating someone who best suits your child’s learning style. You can contact your child’s school and ask if they know of any tutors working near your area. Alternatively, there are test prep companies which connect you with a tutor in your area whose particular skills match your child’s learning needs. Conversely, you could use an online tutoring company such as Maths Doctor or Therefore your child could work from home in an environment in which they are comfortable. Online tutoring removes the issue of scheduling conflicts between your child and the tutor, and alleviates any worries concerning transportation to and from tutoring sessions. Additionally, online tutors often provide online resources and educational tools to aid your child’s learning process and can assign interactive homework help sessions. This enables your child to work on academic problems using an interactive medium which will engage and intrigue them, thus motivating them to learn.

A personal tutor can offer your child fundamental academic support to improve their confidence in class, as well as their performance in standardised tests. Tutors work according to the pace and learning style of each individual student, thus enabling each child to pursue and achieve their optimum academic potential. Tutoring can provide your children with invaluable life skills and academic prowess, from which they can profit throughout their adult life.

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George CampbellThis article was written by George Campbell, a freelance writer from Birmingham in England. George has been a teacher for four years and he loves writing about education but he is versatile and he also writes across a variety of other topics. You can stay connected with George on Google+ and follow him on Twitter.



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