Top 10 environmental gadgets

Want to help the environment but not sure how? Looking to reduce your energy and other household bills? Or are you simply interested in the newest gadgets aimed to improve your day-to-day life? Then check out these top ten environmental gadgets which can help to enlighten and improve not just your life, but also that of the planet.

1-Solar cookers

Does just what it says on the tin! These cookers harness the power of the sun to enable you to create delicious meals whilst reducing your carbon footprint. The lack of smoke protects the environment as well as your lungs, whilst the solar power enables you to save money on fuel. Moreover, their cost, convenience and environmental benefits means that they are currently being distributed to help areas of the developing world.


Tin Solar Cookers

2-Philips Hue Smart LED Light Bulbs

These smart lights enable you to control the lighting of your home direct from your smartphone. The LED bulbs provide the same amount of light as regular 50W bulbs but have the added benefit of saving roughly 80% of the energy. They have the capacity to last up to twenty-five times longer than regular bulbs, simultaneously saving you money and illuminating your home with a glowing ambience. These bulbs are useful not just in your home, but can also be implemented into your place of work or private business. Many businesses have commended these bulbs for reducing the overall running costs of their offices.


MeterPlug is a small device with the capacity to save you money and energy. It will notify you with precise details concerning the meter consumption of your devices at home. It uses Bluetooth to send the data to your smart phone, so that you can make well-informed decisions regarding your energy consumption.

4- Maestro C.L Dimmer

Create ambience whilst cutting your energy usage! The Maestro C.L Dimmer provides customizable delayed fade-to-off options for the lighting in your home, letting you leave a room before the lights go out. The dimmer operates with dimmable CFL or LED bulbs which could cut your energy bill by hundreds of dollars. Moreover, CFL bulbs have a lifespan of up to 10 years, and LEDs up to 25 years, so you don’t have to worry about constantly changing broken light bulbs.


Not just an ordinary tin can, this gadget has been made from PLA, a form of corn starch. The can is dual insulated, BPA-free and completely non-toxic. Moreover, it creates 40% less carbon emissions than its petroleum-based counterparts, allowing you to drink on the go whilst reducing climate change.


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6-Efergy Shower Timer and Alarm

This device can help dramatically reduce your water consumption, saving the planet and also your wallet. The device monitors the amount of water going down the drain whilst you shower. You calibrate the gadget to your shower, set the target amount of water you wish to use and then affix it within your shower. The alarm will then sound when you have met your target volume of water, educating you on how to reduce your water usage.

7- Serena Remote Controlled Honeycomb Shades

Windows can be responsible for an extortionate amount of heat loss during the winter and also heat build-up during the summer. This can lead to rising heating and air-conditioning bills throughout the year. Serena Honeycomb Shades provide a solution to this costly issue. The fabric of the shades contains air pockets which trap heat during the winter and shut out solar radiation in the summer. This provides a solution to heating bills without having to spend mass amounts of money on wall insulation. The shades can be easily installed within fifteen minutes, and are available in a variety of styles and textures to make them a fashionable ecological addition to any home.

8-Maestro Occupancy/ Vacancy Sensing Switch

If you’re guilty of forgetting to turn off your lights, then this is the gadget for you. This device senses your presence when you enter or exit a room and turns the lights on or off accordingly. The sensor features ambient light detection, which detects natural light in a room. This means that the device will only turn lights on when they are needed, providing you with efficient lighting throughout your home.

Vacancy Sensing Switch

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9-Asus EcoBook

Bamboo is the new eco-material, having been deployed in socks, towels, monitors, keypads and numerous other products. This is due to the fact that grows at an exponential rate, and requires very little water and chemicals. This EcoBook harnesses the potential of bamboo in the form of a laptop clad in bamboo panels, heralding a new era of greener machines.

10- EcoButton

This gadget is perfect if you are aiming to reduce your PC power usage. Simply press the eco button when you are away from your PC and the device will place your computer into the most efficient energy-saving mode available. Simultaneously, it records how many carbon units you have saved, as well as how much power and money you have saved by using the ecobutton. This allows you to witness firsthand the enormous effectiveness of this little gadget.


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