The World’s Most Environmentally Friendly Businesses

Many of us would like to believe that businesses wouldn’t exist solely to reap profits. Often, businesses are instituted to make a lasting impact on the society to which they belong. The moment an organisation instills its very core business with ‘giving back,’ it becomes evident that the business stands for a purpose. The overall goal of an organisation ideally rests on corporate citizenship.

In Australia, there are many exceptional companies which serve society by merely existing. By the fact of their installation means the ability to make a difference through their operational processes.

Environmentally Friendly

A Real and Lasting Impact in Community

Corporate Social Responsibility has several outlets, and one of its branches include Environmental Sustainability. When companies are Environmentally Friendly, the tendency to get advocates and supporters can be exponential.

Businesses are guaranteed to last longer as they render values which go beyond commodities. They “co-exist” and are in harmony with the environment and anything which organically exists within the community has a better chance to last.

Model Companies of Today

Business models are complicated enough to implement. This is why it’s quite extraordinary for these companies to carry out their core processes with an environmental perspective:

Costs rise up when energy is wasted. The World Wide Fund for Nature or WWF has made a recent release of inefficiencies when it comes to business energy usage. For instance, converting energy in power plants takes up about 75% of fossil fuels at the beginning of the process. The mentioned energy percentage can still be put to better use. No energy needs to be wasted and they should be rightly placed on more specific community activities. This means less efforts should be placed in direct proportion to what needs to be carried out.

Google uses up to 34% of renewable energy on its own turf. Most of its energy can be gathered through the wind or the sun. The company sources out energy from windmills, solar panels and carbon offset suppliers.

  • Rio Tinto’s Positive Environmental Impact

The international company makes an impact to over 70,000 employees in different parts of the world. Every newly developed product and technological innovation can be discovered and Rio Tinto provides an avenue for these initiatives, from brand new cars to mobile phones. With its wide coverage of core businesses, the company constantly provides initiatives to lessen its global footprint.

Among its main products for refinement and commodity exchange are iron ore, energy, aluminium, copper and diamonds. Rio Tinto makes sure to lessen as much impact as possible with every production and refinery process by which it carries out. With every aspect and step within its manufacturing procedures, the company makes sure to leave every community with a clean slate.

Most companies align their Corporate Citizenship policies with their core business practices. This is due to lack of enough resources for companies to help make the world a better place. While it makes sense to include community sound practices as a company carries out its operations, Westpac goes beyond banking transactions.

As Australia’s first bank, Westpac has gained a 92% score on Dow Jones’ Sustainability Index. It’s also known to be amongst the world’s ethical companies. This is due to the company’s efforts to go beyond offering community programs within its core business. The company has taken up the Greenhouse Challenge which is an initiative to reduce gas emissions. This includes making a conscious effort to not add to the rising dilemma of pollution, such as paperless transactions and fully maximising the digital benefits of stocking up consumer records.

A purposeful existence should be constantly instilled within a company’s values. This includes environmental awareness and initiatives. This can further ensure an organisation’s lasting impact and existence among its customers and stakeholders.


Author: Kathrine Flowers, environmentalist extraordinare

Photo Credit and Source: Jo Levy



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